Like a budding rose
Fragile yet strong with the sweet perfume
First layer will fold backwards
Will curl and unravel to release wonder
Making you smile
Second layer will follow
But overlaps the creases of the first
It too will fold back releasing more perfume
3rd layer starts to open
Exposing it’s  delicate new colour
1st layer starts to change
A tinge of shadowing  fades the hue
4th layer is folding back onto the 3rd
It too wants and yearns the sun
Absorbing the ray kisses 1st 2nd and 3rd layers arching and stretching
5th layer now falls open
Gently knowing 1st layer is getting tired
The sweet fragrance filling the air
The 6th layer too wants to fold arch and stretch
Releasing more perfume you linger
The 7th layer was the last
She opens
She stretches
She arches then falls
One last scent but only ever wanted to please
She now must rest
She must drop all that she carried
She must tidy and prune all that is spent and used
She must rest and conserve for a new thought
A new idea
A new meal
A new option
A new job but mostly
A new offering is being developed
Just like a new bud

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