She dreams often

Smiles and talks whilst closing her eyes

She feels the world

Her circle to realise

She’s different

Her gift the knowing of the spark in front of her

Their thoughts feelings of truth

Even if they cover their eyes

With lies

She’s aware

What their soul bares

Her anxiety is their truth

What their heart screams

But words cover up

When just a babe

Innocent of truth

Her gift took her youth

She grew up quick

But now she’s older

Wiser and stronger

The men in her life have bled her dry

As she cries and strives

To use her gift for the one person who matters the most

But almost a ghost

It’s too late now

She wipes her brow

To never have known what her purpose was

Is or should’ve been

Her gift took her on many journeys for other’s paths

But never for herself

So her gift was also a curse

Entwined together was the knowing with the fear

Equals anxiety of what else would the next

Spark reveal

Claudia Hernandez

photo by: me // painting by: Skott Marsa

She is the type of girl who will shout at a concert when no one is shouting and then laugh it away whilst covering her mouth with shyness. She is an anxious girl who doesn’t want to be discovered. However, she can’t help but try and have fun and overcome her anxiety. She knows she doesn’t want to feel invisible anymore. She wants to be a star too. No fears, no tears. So she holds tight to the idea that if she has fun everything is possible, even if the butterflies in her stomach try to destroy her. They’re not those colorful butterflies that appear when you’re in love. Hers are grey, old butterflies who neglect their colors; they’re unable to fly. But, she will decide to close her eyes every time she gets another panic attack and realize that she has…

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