Your arms are holding her
As she lies lifeless and still
Looking down at her eyelids
Where moments before there was thrill
Red warm sticky substance
Spills from an open wound
Staining her silk scarf
Now totally ruined
Laughing and joking as you both
Leave the theatre
Was only two weeks ago
You promised eachother
To have and to hold
Until death do you part
Wiping the tears
As her spirit departs
You look up to see
the silver sedan
But through your anguish
A memory is harpin
An angry female driver
Is standing by her door
A flash of recognition
Like never before
Why did you leave me
For her she shrilled
You could’ve stopped this
I wouldn’t have killed
You look down at your love
A quote you remember
Hell hath no fury
You remember last September
The woman looking at you
Is thin and withdrawn
The woman you hold
Her glow is now gone
Her breast does not heave
Like once before
Blue and red lights
Flashing are now before
As you stand your head swims
A ball is forming in your gut
Now you heave
You scream at the lady
But no voice leaves
The uniformed men
Cuff her as she reefs
You want her dead
You run towards
A uniformed man stops
You wish you had a sword
Back to the body lying
On the ground
You shake and shudder
Suddenly a faraway sound
Wake up martin
You will be late
Jumping out of bed
Thanking God her fate
Is to still be alive and
Ever so beautiful
You kiss her good morning and
Move to the window
Look out at the sun
And slide open the glass
Outside is a silver car
Still and parked






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