Red wine full bodied
So silky red
The colour of blood
A slit that bled
I  sip it feels cool
Sitting on my tongue
A tease as it glides
Down my throat past my lung
That elated feeling
One glass then two
A meal seems much better
Even if burnt or feeling blue
Glass three gives you courage
Where before words failed you
Feeling like a lioness
All walls I lose
The pain in my legs melt
And muscles relax
The pain in my back
Gone for now yackity yack
Feel like I’m swimming
And ears ringing too
So why do I feel
Still feeling so blue
Was it the package
That never arrived
Was it the celibacy
I promised my guide
I should feel so lucky
My family I love
I should feel like flying
Above it all like a dove
It’s the soul my half misses
The soul that has clicked
The soul that’s forgotten
Lost soul you are missed
What, who, where, why, how
Do you know
Are we all looking to wine
For that iridescent glow
I know  I drink wine
But should be ever so careful
My mother a drunk
Bred children was neglectful
I turned to the church
A nun should’ve been
My life to my God
Would’ve lived so serene
So now I count on you
My dear wine
My old friend
To release me from this world
To help me go to my bed


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