Love is enamoured
Enamoured is passion
Passion is love
Fond is not in fashion
Love is not hate
Hate is but a feeling
Intense in it’s way
It can have you reeling
But Love is intense
And it is a feeling
Fond is not love
Will it lift up the ceiling?
Fond does not and will not
Replace what we know
It is but a smolder
A small ember and glow
You reach into your heart
And find the word fond
Leaves me to wonder
Where frog is your pond
Love is a passion
Passion the purple hue
Pink is the colour Fond
But this you already knew

2 thoughts on “Fond is not Love

  1. Dig deep
    Within the mounds
    Of lungs and breathes
    And heartbeat sounds
    For love is there
    A little glow
    You write with passion
    Used the word Love
    You know
    Hate is passion
    Love is too you see
    Look into the eyes of a stranger
    Let the magic be …


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