Well my friend
The end is near
Tomorrow will be
The last time I will hear
Your voice so perfect
I love you, yes love
Sends me soaring
Up and above
To another level
A private universe
Where noone else
Can touch us
But only love
I will immerse
For without it this world
Is forgotten and doomed
Where once someone told me
Start living or entombed
Forever to walk like the living dead
But little does he know
I go into my head
With the clearing of my mind
Only your voice do I hear
Those beautiful tones
The passion,  the glee
I know all your truth is not written
in  song
But there must be a seed
Tell me am I wrong
Like the seedling it grows
Reaching up to the light
With outstretched green foliage
What a beautiful sight
And into the perfect plant it will be
Forever seeking truth of love
Light and free
To move as I wish
Wont be long now I know
Deep in my heart
The first seed that was sown
There is not much time
With every breath that I take
I thank you for your songs
Now my body starts to ache
With the black inside of me
Once again they have found
that black mass has presented
In the background
Will take over the blue
But that is ok
For without your voice
I would be in my grave
A second chance was given
A third am I right
To do as I wish
Break away from my fright
And fear holds me back
For the pure only know
These man made shackles
That are chained to my soul
To stop me from being
Awake and free
To stop me from throwing away
My family
When I will die
I will protect from above
My electricity you’ll feel
Like the white of a dove
But for now tomorrow
I will see you again
From afar I will smile
And know this my friend
I have loved you before
In a life past and gone
I have loved you today
From the day I was born


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