Hot and cold

My soul I sold

To the depths below

So lust will know

Curiosity killed

But this it filled

The darkest hole

Within my soul

Forever entombed

Within the womb

Of mortal sin

Harps and strings

Strung and play

So I lay

With the devil himself

Never did felt

Like this before

Broken and sore

I was on fire

But now require

Prayers from above

Not lust but love

2 thoughts on “Feverish

  1. Today’s sorrows
    Are filled with burrows
    Of stalegtites
    Weeping their wax
    Creating hills
    Of many pills
    Swallowed by all
    Not standing tall
    Under the weight
    Of heavy crosses
    Burdened by rules
    Followed by fools
    I am one too
    Trying to awaken
    From a nightmare of hurdles


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