Purple you shade
A colour I avoid
I cannot fathom
How you are adored
Streaks of you I admit
Are darker shades of blue
When mixed with a black brown
Then it becomes you
So you are the depression and
Angst with the sad
Hurting a young girl
Whom feels truly bad
She’s one mixed up soul
No mother who adores
Was thrown in a white room
Tied up in four walls
Her soul is so passionate
Purple she oozes
Latched onto your heart
And words of blue
I have tried to stop her
From adulates and suns
You are her idol
Whatever will become
Of this young purple girl
Followed you to the ends
Of the world her hair curled
She handed you a present
Was met with a cold ice
A curt thank you
Her heart you did splice
Once again I am sorry
I will bring attention to she
I now know how incorrigible
She is and her needs





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