Your voice is among the people
I walk by in the crowd
Searching every face
But your smile I have not found
Your voice is amongst the trees
As the leaves rustle in the breeze
I search the lines on the bark
Just memories now I bleed
Your voice is amongst jack hammers
I pass on nearby streets
Calling me to come home
But where is it I scream
Your voice is in my head
When I wake when I breathe
Your murmurs of words come flowing forth
In a hurried pattern of pleas
Why do you tug at my heart
Your moment had escaped
One moment in time my heart had stopped
Then suddenly was awake
Was it a dream a fleeting spell
You cast upon my soul
It opened me up to another time
When horses and carts and bells tolled
Your voice is but a whisper now
I’ve locked it in my chest
Come here come home it pleads to me
Suffer in silence forever unrest…

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