Coolness whispered upon the skin

Wet and ever so slight

Goosebump chills Present and clear

Words echoed into the night

The blue cobblestones hard and cold on the cheek

cannot move so lay where you rest

A sudden chance meeting eyes locked and a greeting

Blinded for this was a test

Every last drop of pain and tears fall

Into a bucket Drains life 

Hastily You left in the pouring rain 

words sharp and cut Like a knife

What was to be was never true

Words sung into the air

You never loved eyes of ocean blue

Greedy soul without a care

Your bite has left an open wound

Oozing such bittersweet 

For the passion ensued much pain and pleasure

Yet a lesson was learnt now and here

To be loved know of love have loved and comatose

A dream of many an innocent 

Just like the moon not many are clued

The half the full and the crescent 

So the stars are bright the moon is near 

The clouds drop their tears

Pick up your soul leave your skin

For darkness is almost here


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