‘Tis true as the story goes

Never in my wildest of dreams

Standing alone on the foreshore

Connected by a static beam

Blue and white crackle and pop

But hatred for me it seems

You terrorise shake up rattle and roll

Then whisper sweet nothings my dear

So tender one minute and angry the next

I mask my god foresaken fear

Yet a victim professes only love and devotes

Their heart to always be near

I don’t idolise procrastinate whip lashings and such

Just to listen then just to grieve

So tell me why me what have I done

You have chosen to mock, be a bitter pill

When only defend honor fight for and shield

Joan would have been proud to the fill

Do I lay down my sword

Tell me my friend

Never follow you to the ends

The ball is now bouncing in your court

No more no more hurt

Cut the chord the tune the blue melody hue

The tune you and I Wounds open and bled

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