I am mad. As red as blood.

As angry as can be

Must pull away

The hurt the shame

These feelings and thoughts it frees

Your carelessness blind and deaf

You chose the path you take

Give us a taste of morsel face

And leave us begging you

A tired tune all glistening new

Why do I feel so blue

The promise made

The lux now fades

Step back is what I’ll do

Consumed my all

Thoughts words and tore

sinews hold me together

When all I asked was never tasked

And shattered my bones forever

Created paths influencers laughed

Stumbling to your tune

For lies were told so brash and bold

I hope you face your rune

But alas I love I love you still

With carelessness I fear

Hollow and spent

Body hurts stomach wretched

the moon She knows my tears

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