Still blue above with the waves of clouds mottling it’s surface

A lonely leaf auburn in colour swirls and swirls

As the twisted branches of hands release their grasp

So the star shaped leaf is free

Free to float and swirl as it pleases

With not a care in the world a white majestic butterfly

Flitters past the leaf on towards the evergreen glossy

Leaves of an English buxus.

It too knows what freedom is

Free to flit and flirt with every branch laden with leaves but

Decides to rest on the flower of a photinia plant.

A child scoots past on a scooter with a mother red faced and huffing

Little does the cherub faced scooter know what lies ahead

The shackles of responsibility that we call life.

How they burden our everyday thoughts

Ah freedom. Are we truly free as a butterfly

Or the leaf that floats away …

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