I cut them today

I know you like it this way

Short and natural

Below my ears

Swaying and bouncing

Without any fears

On the floor

A mess on bare feet

I picked the curls up

Heart skips a beat

Oh no have stuffed up

Looked in the mirror

Who was that girl

The COVID hair

I’ve given the whirl

And hurled them into the bin

Just like the tragics

Filled with sin

14 thoughts on “My locks are yours

  1. lear was here
    so too gi joe
    we know finns
    tim and neal
    but liam is rather worse
    his mother s curse
    sharon was relegate to back ups~


  2. Was a strange day with many strange happenings. I was pulled in too many directions and found I almost snapped like an elastic. Is the magnetosphere out of action ?


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