Is a funny thing

The way it splits in two

I wonder if

Down deep inside

Two personalities

Not one is true

Man made us believe

In good and bad

To seperate the few

But what if

Reality is false

And delusion

Is the real cue

We’ve been taught

The brain rules the roost

The heart is meant to follow

But if there are

Two paths to take

Which one will lead

To sorrow

So here I tell

You of my thoughts

Facebook Instagram

And twitter too

Are all but one part

Of the brain

The other is the real you

So Mish mash them both

Roll them out

Which one is

The true blue ?

16 thoughts on “The brain

  1. yes too much time with son tom. he misses his dead puppy. i do too. therefore i will commence to artic circle for coke and an eggnog shake. poor tessy is trying to collect money from her dead beat ex.

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