Tries her lyrics

But little did she know

The tales were lies

Said your spies

Whilst others told so and so

Thought she knew

The thoughts of Blue

Then started her tales of few

Left her man

He was a ham

But a good man said all he knew

Now I digress

In her white dress

Her lover used her too

Not for her words

Her beauty nor charm

For that she lacked in too

Her lover the poet

As we know it

Sent her back home again

West over oceans

On his island

Grew weary quickly friend

The mimics man

Stretched out his hand

Took her back again

Her minds not one

No not a pun

The madness flows from her pen

I had the pleasure

For she had measured

Entrusted me with her affairs

Whilst I listened

As she glistened

With promised love and royalties too

Said your words

Her story blurs

Was all written now here’s a clue

Others enfold her

And never scold her

she mimics the words of others

But then there’s another

A mother a lover

Whom craves the poet’s attention

She also mimics

Frolicks and turns tricks

But her words are like fluid retention

All bottled within

Under her skin

She’s bursting at the seams

Watching the fire

A boy you sired

Latched onto him as he streams

I sit on my throne

But never condone

The pettiness and lies they tell

They mimic the one

Think they have won

Yet he still sees Her and longs to set sail

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