It was all just a mime

Heading nowhere

Meaning nothing

Stars in the Milky Way

TORN apart

By the man made projector

On the big screen

Playing with the energy

Sought to believe in

Nothing left to chance

Crashing and burning

Into the depths

Where one can only explain as Hell

Let’s create a New World

A new start

A new Earth

By splitting those atoms

No not in Love

Just torn apart

11 thoughts on “Stars didn’t align

  1. Atone, amend, compensate, admit fault
    Which shall it be
    Ask forgiveness said the sinner
    Cast the stone at she and he
    Mother Earth asks not for herself
    But gives to you and me
    Mother Earth when she gives birth
    In the beginning you are free
    Then trapped by words written by man
    The shackles bind our wrists
    Locked in bird cages barely room to roam
    Where dalliances and trysts
    Are made performed and rolled
    To quench the thirst
    Of greedy selfish and lustful
    Egos that burst
    I apologise if I sound hurt
    But humans have used and abused
    Our terra firma and raped her
    Of all that riches will buy
    Is it too late


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