Wading in the ocean of blue

Walking past me you were with two

As waves hit us me second first you

I was drenched you’re tall not you

The water envelopes me caresses my hips

It’s ice cold salt touches my lips

You’re two shout as they jump right in

You continue along to look is a sin

In the dead of night the waves crashing hard

I remember the hat glasses and stars

I knew you’d come ‘twas always you

The connection is strong oh mr Blue

I’m truly tired this energy play

You’ve seeked my help my nerves will fray

The green eyed monster has told lies to most

Turned people from me and others fire poked

Has formed a gang dig deep you’ll find

Ruined good folks just to climb

So use them now as you see fit

The spark is out the mic dropped oh sh@#$t

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