The time has come

Your call you’ve beckoned

Flights booked You won

Family ties at rest and peace

New beginnings new country

New friends new lease

From a sheltered world With blinkers on

When the plane lands

Old reunions and bonds

Will once again pick up as before

The connection made

Back in 2004

3 thoughts on “Suitcases packed

  1. he cannot fathom
    he is me too
    not i he
    but he me
    pope son tom
    likes gop liars
    and weasels
    your move
    find the groove
    five more got the ax
    or sacked
    ha ha ha


  2. When talking in riddles
    It’s hard to read
    There’s no sense
    Just trying to lead
    To nonsense and confusion
    A lot of white noise
    Where you play with feelings
    They’re all your toys
    Get into the groove
    You say quite bemused
    The words won’t flow
    Where is your muse
    Maybe a block
    Has appeared rightfully so
    Maybe the block caused
    By someone you know
    Add all the numbers
    From 1 to 9
    She has many accounts
    With herself she hi fives
    ‘‘Twas funny at first
    But now just plain stooped
    There’s nothing real about
    Being looped
    So now I’m back
    From the sand and the sea
    Back to hard work
    Where the money is not free
    So my words I will keep
    To myself as not swayed
    Have given ideas
    And compliments
    On the way
    I do believe in Love
    Love from one who is close
    For only this Love
    Would son Tom Expose
    The artist within
    Stop relying on others
    The artist within
    Was always there blimey buggers


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