The crystal blue green waters

Of volcanic hills that rise from the sea

I wish I was with thee

Drinking espresso

With the ocean breeze

And windswept salty hair

Without a care

You deserve this time

Worked hard

Dealt the card

Was gifted a life of travel

Me the nomad at heart

Left to push carts

Life has been hard

Sore and aching

Here have my last penny

11 thoughts on “I envy you

  1. Then you feel as you do.
    But I wasn’t thinking of you
    When I wrote this piece for
    An espresso sipping Mr Blue
    Who’s shades and hues
    Speak volumes of truth
    Dark eyes that knew
    With love comes hurt
    As death it lurked
    Close to all you cared for
    And now he lives alone
    But shares pics of all his outings


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