The play you made

Walked on bitumen path

Past campsites

No light falling dark

With checkered coat

Book in hand

Glasses for reading

Fisted Hand

Raised to wave

A quick glance

Head held high

Oh me oh my

I did notice

Your hocus pocus

Our paths will cross

Again friend

I do not want

This something to end

6 thoughts on “Wicked you

  1. yell he cannot tell
    the spell
    was over
    and clover
    you re not the only one son
    and your pity for yourself
    is sad case
    of not enough
    to care anymore
    is all


  2. Oh ouch
    What a grouch
    Your words bite
    Out of spite
    But are they right
    This dark night
    We’ll never know
    Your words do grow
    And they’ve changed
    As for spells and seeds you plant
    Disappear like quicksand
    Off my back
    Get on ya track
    Is lost on thee
    As for checkered man
    He was but a breeze
    Conjured up to
    Reveal you see


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