Just to mention

A little this

And much more that

Just like a cat

Nervous tension

There is some care

Just to be fair

But some is rough

Is it enough

To want to travel

So let’s unravel

The meaning hidden

Amongst this riddle

Cest la vie

Crackers and cheese

On Aussie soil

Makes your blood boil


Magma on soil

Smell the Sulfur

Hot springs buffer

Technology down

7 days abound

Words jumbled

I heard you mumble

Smell the flowers

Breathe in and out

Manic views

Lost their cool

Grab yr popcorn

Clown and fools

The view from here

Is so clear

They’ll draw you in

To their tears

And so it goes

Ideas flow

But I don’t care

To want to share

When olive branches

left unattended

Due to selfish

Words said of others

The story ends

A letter sent

With a stamp

From heaven’s lent

They tell you this of her and he

What words are spoken of you ? See?

2 thoughts on “A correction

  1. i rage
    from my cage
    often not enuff sage

    ps how could becca, your country woman describe neil finn as quote too soft and pop tv like. gag!


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