A green feather amongst autumn leaves

A white feather softly falls from above

You’ve left me dear in a room with love

Eyes closed whispers a tune

Whenever a feather is near you

I’m thinking of you

A black and white feather amongst cracked paving below

My sneaker nudges it free with a toe

A blue and white feather caught on a branch

Run to you I will given the chance

And just like that the memories relive

To hold you for a moment my life I would give

As darkness descends I google a feather

And remember your words soon we will be together

One thought on “A grey feather in my brim

  1. walk in the summer dark
    around the city and the park
    run and play
    and each day
    scream mate
    good morning to you too
    my today your past
    and your today
    my future s cast

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