Chains envelope me


makes sense now breathe

Pray for roads to open

Pray for ways of coping

Overwhelming moods of broken

Tired blues, lowered eyes

Bloodshot visions downturn smiles

Glimmer shimmer hopes are fading

High waves start wading

Swallow salty tears cascading

Waterfalls hitting rocks

keys and locks beckon opening

Knives are out start to sharpen

She won’t let up admit defeat

Leave it alone you beast

Give it a rest and peace

When the same old same repeats

Folks turn away you see?

Find the new meld with the rest

Now you know who is the best

Listen learn hear their heart beat

Sense the wars offer peace

Palms open honesty brews

Shoulders relax

I hear you…

24 thoughts on “To be

  1. Yes he is
    A new musical for he
    Begins in Melbourne this weekend
    Tim is on our shores as he blends
    Into the backdrop
    I wonder friend
    His motives as I send
    This note to you


  2. She loves everything Finn
    And saw Tim’s
    Play tonight. I hope she had a wonderful night
    What does your day bring
    Lot’s to sing?
    I’m thinking same old same
    Continues to ring my name
    In vain what a pain
    And no would never thumb up my nose
    But will smell a rose hopefully soon again
    Cmon Spring


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