Was only ajar

But for a few moments

And only afar

The words left unspoken

Linger still

Over the oceans

On slopes of a hill

The cottages are burning

With flames well lit

The sofa seat warm

From the warmth beneath

From 5 star locations

To 2 in the woods

Creating the moments

Rest upon us and could

Lead to memories of joy

Happiness and bliss

Your hair eyes and voice

Know I truly miss


7 thoughts on “A door closes

  1. Everything so wet
    And yet
    Soggy boggy and some mornings foggy
    Missing the tunes
    Throw those runes
    Be it where it may lay
    Keep safe
    And rake those leaves
    A sigh and heave
    Envelope thee
    With pink you see
    As Spring and new growth
    Opens with glee
    Are you home and at peace?


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