Yet you hide with no words to shout

Is it the quiet before a storm

There are so many waiting for words to adore

Do I plan for more travels adventures to see

The great family that rules music you see

There are questions accusations and lies to hear

But when you’re ready I guess, you’ll say no fear


13 thoughts on “‘Tis quiet all about

  1. So images are real and in colour. Not a blur with streaks. Time is passing too quickly but I still feel as though a purpose is unfulfilled and left wanting. Always at the beck and call of others. You would know this


  2. yes the madness of my sister rosalie! bring me communion she screamed. i m not a priest nor a minister. buy me a new watch. why you lay in bed all the day long. it isnt enough that she replaced simon? rosalie says call me!

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  3. I’m sad for she was as best a human as can be
    Not my choice of King and will I foresaw an abdication of their own nation will occur before Camilla is called Queen
    And you? Your thoughts


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