No words to shed

A hole in the head

When lightly tread

On feelings bled

Emotions rear ugly head

So just be

In the now

On long white clouds

I heard your sound

The call of lost in the chaos

You came prayed on a hill

Answered your call

But now you know

When a private universe grows

So the balance is restored

It’s time for this rhyme

To end don’t fight it

Just right it

The rest will lead you on

To northern shores where you weren’t strong

Then the curse will be undone

It’s called karma you poetic son

And now it’s time

To end the rhyme

Life will be sublime


25 thoughts on “There doesn’t need to be anything said

  1. Who wrote a viral note. To write it viral is to stain it with permanent marker. Shy she is not. Demure perhaps. Why do you change your phone number?
    Better deals? I hate it when blame is not given where due How about you?


  2. perhaps. she had two men fighting over her. she knew a former long time friend of mine who is just now barely getting over her divorce . meet big and little teresas.


  3. Ah I love a day off . Enjoy the call and whispers as your mind let’s go to the middle world of sleep. My day begins with much to do and how are yous
    Followed by chores enough to bore and washing my 14 year old dog then maybe I’ll eat a vegetable soup I hope adult children will help to make .. sorry I waffled


  4. Yeah it’s pretty crap but it lives lol me I prefer a nice rosè in the summer, winter a red autumn yr fall a Grenache perhaps a Cabernet but spring is always a crisp Chardonnay


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