Of what I was once

a Joie de vivre

Happy innocent and gay

Clinging to the edge

Where is the hope

The wonder of life all but gone

Am sitting watching

robins flapping

Motor bikes rattling by

People walking and talking

What more can there be

Sirens are sounding out their distress calls

Fix up other’s mess

Feet aching

Head is breaking

Heart is broken

There was never a notion

Of things to come

Live apart but pray onto others

For Love to conquer all

What more you say

Say yes and give it all up

So we can be together

Under the stars and ether

Creating all the heat that’s needed

After that spark had seeded

The initial flame

No ones to blame

In the end

They are all the same

7 thoughts on “A shell now

  1. mate
    lose the faith
    bathe in today
    and of in or
    it is creation
    to a small portion
    of deity then
    here on earth
    do it again
    jill remember the thrill
    of the pail wail
    and the hill?
    of course you do~

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  2. I do recall
    The mesh of words
    The lights absorbed
    Into the kaleidoscope
    And colours of a frequency
    I’ve never known again
    Are you here again
    Or is it your double
    Who pretends to be you
    But so far I’ve seen red not blue
    Did the crown break?


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