Fabric fray

Black blue with white

Out of sight

As pieces come away

Hide with a scarf

Of flowers and colour

Smile with a hidden

Secret of other

Coloured moon

See you so soon

As you got away

From the madness

Of personalities

wanting pieces of you

Behind closed doors

You seem so bored

On the road whispers of fragmented

Words keep moving

Your fingers move the coloured scarf

Of Goghs painted blooms

Exposing the fray of strings show blue

Fiddling with the string

Your fingers gently tug the fray

Softly touch my skin

Then caress my neck

Whilst lingering

Fire burning within

Then pull away again

On the floor lays the fray

And you are no more

Storm overhead

The rumbles awaken me

Rain drops hitting the tin roof

My open window letting the sound and smell in

My eyes are drooping once more

I lay here. Waiting for sleep to enfold me in it’s comfort again

The crackling of thunder

My senses are alert and feel everything around

The warmth of cotton sheets

The smell of rain

The sound of my breath

I imagine I’m in a tent and camping. Not home.

The cool breeze now caresses my cheek as I draw in another breath

I imagine today I will go on a hike through bushes wet with the mornings rain

I imagine I’m looking over the ocean as the clouds and storms are rolling in

As my mind starts to drift eyes start to close

Sleep creeps back in

A good night’s sleep

Was all you needed

To lift you up

And create the bleeding

Of words to flow

The ebb and the sow

The fuse for the spark

The sound of the lark

Creating the music

The tune for

The lucid

Music comes first

But not always the way

Remember the moment

Was it words or the lament

Let yourself go

Close your eyes see the glow

Of words hear them now

Your muse you have found

Breathe in

The salt air

Wish I was there

To blow you away

With things

You will say

From your heart

There is true art….

Thank you for your visit this morn

It meant the world to me

Shocked at first I was of course

But then remembered to breathe

I recognised the hat

As my Nonno had the same

The mask you wore of average cloth

The lips beneath abate

Eyes lowered but filled with thoughts

We recognised at once

It felt like years have passed and dreams have stopped

But it’s only been a few months

Thank you for filling my senses

Just like Annie’s Song

You heal me and love me more than words

Tell me I’m not wrong

I’ve missed you so…. and prayed forever

You’ve come again in my need

How do you know Is it my quiet

That leads you to come sought me?

Light and white

A story there, do tell I love your stare, open smile, it’s been a while, conjure thoughts, lesson taught, you are my star, from afar, teach me more, you are the Earth , I am the fire, Heavens above, I never tire, Of your words, I drink them in and so it goes you are my sin …

Another year

Without you

Another year


Another year

Dropped a bombshell

Heart is snagged

Another year

Tears have fallen

Another year

Winter drawing

Another year

You are older

Some may say wiser

Another year

Without a mentor

Another year

Time to be gentler

Shall we dance 2

Cuckoo sounds

Curse the day we met

Forever chained

The string is blue

Another time

Your words were true

The song now plays

A different tune

You clutch again

And spin me through

cyclonic fields

Of words and laughter

Madness thoughts

Of pearls and clutch bags

Ballroom gowns


Men with long hair

Clefts in Chins

bow before me

Eyes of arrows

Heart’s-the target

Fly like a sparrow

Grab my waist

hold my breath


I want

Classic of you

Words of want

Ringing true

I want

All of you

Mixed up words

What now Mr Blue

I want

An idea or two

I want it now

Just a few

I want

You always do

What will you give?

In return Mr Blue?

I want

Here we go again

You call me up

And give your name

Just so you know

A name won’t do

I want much more

All of you


I’ll always remember

The light in the clouds

You’re eyes and your brows

The smile and the nerves

Too fast all a blur

December babies

The mother carries

The babies of truth

Honesty and sleuths

Mistakes and misgivings

Move on is for living

Hiding the hurt

Resentful and flirt

Like butterflies to flowers

Have super powers

To make others smile

Whilst all the while

Cloak you in love

White clouds from above

Know this too

Always are blue

Yet continues to live

For love is to give ….