A cardboard in hand

Dirty fingernails

I nearly tripped over you

With my coffee in a mug

Cherry ripe in a bag

Eyes locked a smile and nod ensued

I smiled back apologised

Shit what can I do

Tears welled up

I walked back to my car

A lump in my throat grew

Grabbed my card

Walked into shop

Told them to take the amount

Offer him the menu

Choose what he wants

Hot cold drinks food doesn’t matter

You choose for he they say you see

Don’t give him the choice of food

Angrily I said let him feel free

For a moment you stupid fool

We’re all in chains

This thing called life

Working to live and breathe

Whilst others fall quick

On drugs or sick

The man plays us like fiddles

He’s but just one

Down on his luck

I pray tonight he keeps warm

Dark clouds ahead

Concrete floor his bed

Thunder and lightening

A sudden storm

Sleep evades her

Is near but shaded

By thoughts and wonderings

Amongst shrubs and flowerings

Questions flowing

And that she knows

The answers troubling

As the worlds heartbeat



cracks widening

Time moves too fast

Sun,s shadows cast

Moving 2 inches past

Yet another day passed

And no magic was had

No yellow road to follow

And yet she continues to

Make her own paths

The cord on the train

Is out of reach

The button on the poles

All taped up

The vision of life

Passes by at a speed

Visions of blur and streaks

I awake to news of joy

He’s on the mend

Will see you again

Until then friend

Be well

but never tell

Of the magic on that swell

As the time flew

When will the train stop

You conductor of life

And colour blue

Older bolder

Wiser Colder

That shade of blue

Envelopes you

Triggers you have

Red green hues

Salted words

Sugary thoughts

Peppered and marred

Emotionally scarred

Put on hold

The family charred

He pushed boundaries

A young girl she is

As old as the hills

He bedded she

The truth was revealed

With wide eyed intentions

The young man hid well

The young girl’s discretions

Unfortunate for all

The lie then appeared

A red rose presented

What does this all mean

The sniggers the whispers

The voices and slippers

As glass is fragile

So is the mistress


Curled up lips

Eyes that twinkle

Toothy smile

Glossy like tiles

Feel the feels

Lemon peels

Bask in your warmth

And moody tunes

Wine and cheese

Close and pleased

My heart seized

The smile lingers

Just as your finger

Caresses lips

Upturned twist

I touch your wrist

Eyes that meet

Take a seat

Enfold and reap

The rewards of patience

Ships that sail

Train left the station

I remember now

Your furrowed brow

Blonde hair and tossled

After your show

Before midnight

A kiss to know

You’re always there

In the shadows

On hills and meadows

We’ll make love under the moon

The stars will seize our passion within

Until then a smile will do

And yes I love you blue


A nice word Square not round but said with intent

Took me awhile to realise the meaning behind your word to me


Hard working

Grinds the stone each day

Open book

Naive not as much but still learning

Flows with the vibe

No contrive

Am alive

Time to jive

A correction

Just to mention

A little this

And much more that

Just like a cat

Nervous tension

There is some care

Just to be fair

But some is rough

Is it enough

To want to travel

So let’s unravel

The meaning hidden

Amongst this riddle

Cest la vie

Crackers and cheese

On Aussie soil

Makes your blood boil


Magma on soil

Smell the Sulfur

Hot springs buffer

Technology down

7 days abound

Words jumbled

I heard you mumble

Smell the flowers

Breathe in and out

Manic views

Lost their cool

Grab yr popcorn

Clown and fools

The view from here

Is so clear

They’ll draw you in

To their tears

And so it goes

Ideas flow

But I don’t care

To want to share

When olive branches

left unattended

Due to selfish

Words said of others

The story ends

A letter sent

With a stamp

From heaven’s lent

They tell you this of her and he

What words are spoken of you ? See?

Anxious or excited now

Heading to the edge now

Your soul is lonely for who

Like a spider spinning a web now

Catching all loose flies how

But who is going to catch you

Your mind is playing jealous thoughts now

Memories are distorted now

Reality fades from your view

Let me show you how I feel now

A safe haven I will give now

Let me envelope you

My words will cover your grief now

Give you some peace now

Hear me whisper the truth

Ocean of blue

Wading in the ocean of blue

Walking past me you were with two

As waves hit us me second first you

I was drenched you’re tall not you

The water envelopes me caresses my hips

It’s ice cold salt touches my lips

You’re two shout as they jump right in

You continue along to look is a sin

In the dead of night the waves crashing hard

I remember the hat glasses and stars

I knew you’d come ‘twas always you

The connection is strong oh mr Blue

I’m truly tired this energy play

You’ve seeked my help my nerves will fray

The green eyed monster has told lies to most

Turned people from me and others fire poked

Has formed a gang dig deep you’ll find

Ruined good folks just to climb

So use them now as you see fit

The spark is out the mic dropped oh sh@#$t