How deep

The depths of your love

Knows no end

Encased in all that’s pure

Regardless how it ends

There is no beginning

Nor shall ever stop

For I shall always bask

In your glow it envelopes me

Healing me through and through

Ridding me of all that is blue

These times are so tempestuous

But I can always depend

On your love for me

There it never bends

I’m always in your debt

For you are my friend

This I’ll never regret

For I love you and love to love

As a circle with no end

Light and white

A story there, do tell I love your stare, open smile, it’s been a while, conjure thoughts, lesson taught, you are my star, from afar, teach me more, you are the Earth , I am the fire, Heavens above, I never tire, Of your words, I drink them in and so it goes you are my sin …

Egg shells

Are so fragile

Just like your mind Not agile

Since he left you abandoned

Head spinning and broken

We’ll pick up the pieces

I love you he teases

Stole your thoughts then he laughed

Broke your brain stabbed your heart

You forgave, sad and blue

But your brain blew a fuse

Always nervous anxious and tired

No blue pill, very wired

So amongst the shells we walk

We listen you talk

He’s back now you pray

But he just wants to play…


I’ll always remember

The light in the clouds

You’re eyes and your brows

The smile and the nerves

Too fast all a blur

December babies

The mother carries

The babies of truth

Honesty and sleuths

Mistakes and misgivings

Move on is for living

Hiding the hurt

Resentful and flirt

Like butterflies to flowers

Have super powers

To make others smile

Whilst all the while

Cloak you in love

White clouds from above

Know this too

Always are blue

Yet continues to live

For love is to give ….


I forgive you

But why should I care

When I have

Nothing left to spare

Nor would I even dare

You are leaving

With no remorse or despair

Are there words to change your mind

Or your cold stare

I’m broken up inside

Feeling pain I just can’t hide

In a moment you are gone

Just like this sad sad song

I’ll forgive you

If we give it one more try

I promise not to cry

And leave it there

Will you hold me

Say we will be fine

Words that will not rhyme

As you close the door behind you

One last time …..

I miss

I miss the sun dancing across my face

Kissing my eyes whilst standing a top a hill

I miss the ocean breeze caressing my hair

Whilst my toes are digging into the grains of sandy beaches

I miss the wind circling beneath my nostrils as the leaves of a thick wooded

Area release the perfumes of eucalyptus trees

I miss the fires built within bluestone circles

Omitting their heat to keep strangers warm

I miss sleeping beneath the stars with only the moonlight

To guide us in wooded areas amongst the tall trees

But most of all I miss thee

During this lockdown and unprecedented times we will slowly


I miss feeling alive…. 💙

Father echoes

Into the night

Listen softly to the rain

As it hits the tiled roof

Then sighs a deep sigh

Coming from deep within

The darkest of depths

Where only the lonely

Whom long for the

One thing they are supposed to

Do or Be or Love

Just love

Yet he dies alone

For Father’s voice still

Echoes and tells me to

Be still. Be quiet and listen

never let the sun hide behind you

Let it caress your face and

Know I’ll be there

I now sigh the deepest of sighs

And know that I too will die

Alone but for the suns kisses

To remind me we are all but one

Alone in our thoughts with a different sigh

A sigh of tired a sigh of love A sigh of loneliness

A true Heart

A true Heart is rare

Too much for some to bare

An open Heart is scarce

Many are in reverse

To have both is lethal

And do not belong in this world

The rat race we call living

The changes of this Earth

The open and true Heart is sensitive

To every soul it meets

Cannot take the pressure

Of living for it seeks

Through children’s eyes of innocence

It seeks a Love that’s true

The soulmate it is seeking

Is a soul that’s very Blue 💙

For the now

All I can do for you

Is listen and stroke your hand

All I can do for you

Is hummm and brush the sand

Out of the cobweb mind

Filled with such halls and trails

All I can do for now

Is to help you not stumble nor fail

All I can do for now

Is keep lighting your way

All I can do for now

Is talk to you and not say

How every word written

With pen and pencil

Can hurt teach and learn

There is your lesson

All I can do for now

Is bring attention to your blue

All I can do for now

Is help you watch as the bird flew

Out of it’s nest for the first time

Flapping it’s wings

higher it climbs

Then rests and sings

All I can do for you

Is to wish the sadness goes

All I can do for you

Feel my white light flows

Through you heal you imagine

It’s true

For tomorrow is another day

Another thought That’s new ❤️

Just Be

The echo of your voice

The crunching footsteps

On cobble stones wet

With rains of tears

Flowing from the deepest of drains

Without stopping

I felt your breath behind me

Smelling the sweetness of spices

Your cologne drifts into

The holes of my once solid heart

Now shattered into a million pieces

As daybreak looms before me just a few more

Steps panting I lunge forward

Into the rails of blue rocks without stopping

I see the diamonds reflecting of the river ripples

Gladness overcomes as the coolness touches my hair

My neck my arms then feet

Just one or two breaths then it’s over I scream

Into the darkness I see your face

Then once again we will be….