A liar in the house

Small like a mouse

But larger than the Krause

Will come undone

And like her daughter who left the son

Of a mother’s number one

She too pretends to be blue

Yet follows you to find yr clues

And tears you down

Smothers you takes your breath

Whatever for the hue is red

Cannot find those that tread

Softly behind amongst the fog

Just like a puppy dog

There are those that will see through the Liar s

To be


Chains envelope me


makes sense now breathe

Pray for roads to open

Pray for ways of coping

Overwhelming moods of broken

Tired blues, lowered eyes

Bloodshot visions downturn smiles

Glimmer shimmer hopes are fading

High waves start wading

Swallow salty tears cascading

Waterfalls hitting rocks

keys and locks beckon opening

Knives are out start to sharpen

She won’t let up admit defeat

Leave it alone you beast

Give it a rest and peace

When the same old same repeats

Folks turn away you see?

Find the new meld with the rest

Now you know who is the best

Listen learn hear their heart beat

Sense the wars offer peace

Palms open honesty brews

Shoulders relax

I hear you…

Flock of birds

Spinning swirling flying swooping

Winter approaching but yet so far

The hillsides are dry with green afar

The farmer reaps but yet he sows

Seedlings planted all in rows

Another gift was yet discarded

Flew for miles left broken hearted

Trees planted on sides of roads

Then left to fend amongst cattle and toads

Climb those steep hills

Take in the cool air

Feel it in your chest

Now it’s time to rest

Watching the birds again

Effortlessly gliding and swooping as once again

You struggle to understand the why

You’re so wry yet painfully shy

Climb the hill what’s on the other side

Greener pastures I heard the cries

Go forth make the change

You whisper as the chain

Slowly unravels from ankles

Sailing adrift without any paddles

The calm descending on quiet thoughts

Not a breeze to rustle leaves as something caught

Your eyes a twinkle

With every wrinkle you realise

Now it’s time


Is ugly, makes you fugly. Scrupulous unthinking but mostly tragic. Old and withered and green not true. You’ll lose who you are, your identity no clue. Put down your sword, there’s no war here. I know you are reading this, it’s evident and clear. He told me he knows there’s only one that’s true. He told me he knows definitely it’s clear it’s not you.