Holiday campers

Bread and dampers

The smell of bbq cooking

Children playing

Laughter arms flailing

Bikes and parents knooking

Work commences

Schools and census

Life resumes again

Bills received

Mortgages flood in

Then couples Argue again

Oh to be free

Like the flies and the bees

Floating here and there

Life is so hard

Tired and charred

Of working life living life and hurdles

Tears flow easy

No reason needed

Mental anguish is known intimately

The brain

Is a funny thing

The way it splits in two

I wonder if

Down deep inside

Two personalities

Not one is true

Man made us believe

In good and bad

To seperate the few

But what if

Reality is false

And delusion

Is the real cue

We’ve been taught

The brain rules the roost

The heart is meant to follow

But if there are

Two paths to take

Which one will lead

To sorrow

So here I tell

You of my thoughts

Facebook Instagram

And twitter too

Are all but one part

Of the brain

The other is the real you

So Mish mash them both

Roll them out

Which one is

The true blue ?

Another birthday

Draws near to end

Great news yesterday

The money now spent

Working hard

COVID no end

Will this BS

Ever end

Cake tonight

Almond surrounds

Italian flavours

Soft sponge custard creams

Remind me of childhood

Innocent dreams

Yearning for yesterday

Gone forever

Hopes for this girl

To suffer never

My locks are yours

I cut them today

I know you like it this way

Short and natural

Below my ears

Swaying and bouncing

Without any fears

On the floor

A mess on bare feet

I picked the curls up

Heart skips a beat

Oh no have stuffed up

Looked in the mirror

Who was that girl

The COVID hair

I’ve given the whirl

And hurled them into the bin

Just like the tragics

Filled with sin

war amongst the four

Sick is how I feel, with every post you press upon me

Manic is your aura, take a break from thinking of me

I’ve cut the chord, purged my soul into other needs and wants

You have consumed the 3 blessings, check your motives and your fonts

I won’t leave you guessing but others have been blunt

I’m tired of the sitting and minding manics as they play

Amongst the trees beside the ocean, I begin to sway

Let me be, release my rope, so I can breathe again

I only asked for one thing and am charitable to the end

But I won’t be played the fool and know I love you my friend


The waves crashing against the shore, Wind howling as the branches tore, of the tree above me, Will I go no I won’t leave, I’ll push the boundary we call luck. I’ll stay put with my junk. This junk I own the last of stuff. Before I had more but now it’s tough. The beach is my home, the trees my shelter. No debts or loans, yes life is sweeter. So I’ll stay here until the morrow when daylight comes there’ll be true sorrow….


Is yours

In whatever way you see it

The truth is yours

In whatever way you feel it

But if the mind is broke

Is the truth cracked too

Within these cracks

Are buried the real truth


Do you punish me so

Just so you know

The joke was just a joke

Led by the ones you know

Closest to you

Without a clue

Left me feeling blue

Bringing out the love so true

She said yes let’s do this too

I’m sorry if I hurt you

If I’ve hurt you

I’m bleeding too

Shall we dance 2

Cuckoo sounds

Curse the day we met

Forever chained

The string is blue

Another time

Your words were true

The song now plays

A different tune

You clutch again

And spin me through

cyclonic fields

Of words and laughter

Madness thoughts

Of pearls and clutch bags

Ballroom gowns


Men with long hair

Clefts in Chins

bow before me

Eyes of arrows

Heart’s-the target

Fly like a sparrow

Grab my waist

hold my breath

Shall we Dance

Around the succulents

The rockeries

The beds of mint

Shall we dance


With blades of grass

Beneath as cushions

Shall we dance

Holding each other

Twirling and laughing

Never letting go

But the song is ending

It’s in the air

As crisp and white as snow


With every breath

I’m not crying for it was fun

For just a moment

Was number one

Letting go

Fingers linger

Only the tips

Our digits whisper