Sleep evades her

Is near but shaded

By thoughts and wonderings

Amongst shrubs and flowerings

Questions flowing

And that she knows

The answers troubling

As the worlds heartbeat



cracks widening

Time moves too fast

Sun,s shadows cast

Moving 2 inches past

Yet another day passed

And no magic was had

No yellow road to follow

And yet she continues to

Make her own paths

‘Tis quiet all about

Yet you hide with no words to shout

Is it the quiet before a storm

There are so many waiting for words to adore

Do I plan for more travels adventures to see

The great family that rules music you see

There are questions accusations and lies to hear

But when you’re ready I guess, you’ll say no fear

Flock of birds

Spinning swirling flying swooping

Winter approaching but yet so far

The hillsides are dry with green afar

The farmer reaps but yet he sows

Seedlings planted all in rows

Another gift was yet discarded

Flew for miles left broken hearted

Trees planted on sides of roads

Then left to fend amongst cattle and toads

Climb those steep hills

Take in the cool air

Feel it in your chest

Now it’s time to rest

Watching the birds again

Effortlessly gliding and swooping as once again

You struggle to understand the why

You’re so wry yet painfully shy

Climb the hill what’s on the other side

Greener pastures I heard the cries

Go forth make the change

You whisper as the chain

Slowly unravels from ankles

Sailing adrift without any paddles

The calm descending on quiet thoughts

Not a breeze to rustle leaves as something caught

Your eyes a twinkle

With every wrinkle you realise

Now it’s time

Shall we dance 2

Cuckoo sounds

Curse the day we met

Forever chained

The string is blue

Another time

Your words were true

The song now plays

A different tune

You clutch again

And spin me through

cyclonic fields

Of words and laughter

Madness thoughts

Of pearls and clutch bags

Ballroom gowns


Men with long hair

Clefts in Chins

bow before me

Eyes of arrows

Heart’s-the target

Fly like a sparrow

Grab my waist

hold my breath

I love thee

She whispers into the air

When she wakes

When she sleeps

I love thee

When she walks

When she moves and speaks

I love thee

When she bathes and sweeps

I love thee

When she reads and weeps

But most of all

She loves him when his home

For keeps …

Time on Earth

Should be all it promises

Sunshines and lollipops

Unicorns and horses

But listen while I spill a spool

Of loneliness and heartaches

Where trees Sway

Stairs are long

and winding

And sighs escape when they may

So jig it up

Drop a few, mix it if it pleases

The plan to plot

No sadness you want

So drop them as you need to…

You were real

You were real in my dream

But then I woke it would seem

I was down on my knees

Eyes lowered hands clasped bleeding

A soft touch on my shoulder

I feared to look I was older

Tired and sore fearing what lays

Ahead as I dropped knowing I may

Get whipped from soldiers

Taunted by them

For weak am I but still worked for them

Come you whisper to me softly

My name you called and sad for knowing

Bonny was I once upon a time

The world my oyster

But now is a crime

You helped me rise follow me you smile

No one else saw you invisible was I

We walked down wet paths onto the stairs

You hold my hand I could only stare

Now I know I’ve left this world

With my love I remember you so…

A little bit of you

A little bit of me

I can see you’re bored

Now that makes three

You took the fork road

Of where angels don’t sleep

Biggest mistake

Now you sow what you reap

But there’s a way out

You know of those strings

To pull when they’re showing

Your itch is still growing

So scratch that and tug

No you’re not a lug

Go on if you dare

Without a care

Of whom you trod on

I know I’ve been wrong of

The ones you have met

And now I regret

I’m sorry…

For the now

All I can do for you

Is listen and stroke your hand

All I can do for you

Is hummm and brush the sand

Out of the cobweb mind

Filled with such halls and trails

All I can do for now

Is to help you not stumble nor fail

All I can do for now

Is keep lighting your way

All I can do for now

Is talk to you and not say

How every word written

With pen and pencil

Can hurt teach and learn

There is your lesson

All I can do for now

Is bring attention to your blue

All I can do for now

Is help you watch as the bird flew

Out of it’s nest for the first time

Flapping it’s wings

higher it climbs

Then rests and sings

All I can do for you

Is to wish the sadness goes

All I can do for you

Feel my white light flows

Through you heal you imagine

It’s true

For tomorrow is another day

Another thought That’s new ❤️

Play me like a fool

Just like a spool in a sewing machine

Winding me up but how long is a string

You played me the fool

Showed me up

This tightly bound spool

Then pressed the foot

Released my cord

Weaving me through

When you are bored

Creating the seam

For your open wounds

Using my beam

For your tunes

I worry for you

Your mosh mash of thoughts

Missing you heaps

The thread is your words

Come home…