Blue is you

Your eyes so true

Your heart it beats red through and through

The light so bright

see me in you

I’m blessed I love

The words mirror in you

The magic is there

I will help you through

Breathe in my love

Raise it high

Together again

Souls in the sky

Nor space or time

Extinguished the spark

I hear your calls

Soon in the dark

The Lamb

I don’t mind

I really don’t

My blood for yours

Hang with a rope

It’s time to end

Their hurtful tirade

The witch the warlock

The cut with a blade

It wasn’t your fault

I was to blame

Ignited their anger

Put fuel on their flame

So let it go

Keep doing your thing

Unless of course

It wasn’t your thing


What is it you crave

A word a phrase

A pumpkin orange haze

A misty eyed glaze

A purpose in life

A woman in strife

A bed to sleep in

A very strong gin

A soft and supple lump

An old man slumped

Your words ring true

Of bruises black and blue

Rock and roll fame

Or just someone to blame

Is it love you seek

A photo was leaked

American dreams

Laser light beams

Then once you are through

Will you still be blue ?

The fake moon

There you have it

A woman a witch

It shall be known

But I am no snitch

Evil and mislead

Like a child is but she

Tread ever so careful

By the moon she doth see

Embrace the light

Angels protect thee

For you have completed

And will now be free

Move forward on your own

For the warlock must sit

On his golden throne

It is judgement for writ

The gates of pearl open

All of black and the night

Will be taken by force

And extinguished by light

You must revert now

I hate to tell you

Seek your answer

It is here in the blue

You have a seeker

They are not to be trusted

Have played with thy magic

A silver encrusted

I have felt all your sadness

Confusion and ache

Your pain and your sorrow

Your hurt I’ll forsake

But stay true to you

Oh scholar of Blue

Strike the match

Strike the match

Light the wick

It’s pouring rain

Or so it seems

Candle burning

Wax melting

Down the side

Onto frosting

Hip hip hooray

And so they cheer

Rosey cheeks

From the beer

In a trance

Take a breath

Blow the pain

re Birth not death

And there is your wish

Will you share

Or keep it a secret

Shall I dare



It’s so quiet

you’ve gone

A chemical


My addiction

Your voice

My addiction

My choice

Cells dancing


Common sense


The only thing

I enjoy

Another hit

Bring me up

Elevate me

Blowing up

Mind reeling

Loose control

Like a comet

Or asteroid

Then crash

Leaves a hole

You’ve hit my high

Now low

Another fix

Is what I need

My insatiable

You Feed

Rehab is what

I need


He listens watches and waits

For the next quill to write

Forlorn words of hate

Love lost love gone

Of being betrayed

Plays with your mind

So he can create

A story a picture an image

For you

A melody of strings

Of many shades of blue …

Crashing waves

Here it comes

Slowly but surely

Reaching for the blue

Arching amongst the foam

Of the sea spray

Then falling quickly

A thousand droplets of water

Combining together

To make a wave

A wave of green and blue

Reaching for the sand

Clinging on but

The mother sea is pulling

It back

Back to join her


Here we strive again to release

Ourselves from her

Arching and pulling away

Set me free

Reaching up for the blue

It is me

Up I go

Reaching gasping

for air for sky for love

Then crashing down clinging

To sand to hope

To you

You are the blue

Floating words

Floatings words so free

So light

Coming to me

In the blackest of night

From the darkest corners

Of the deep deep blue

Amongst the shadows

Combined they are new

Describing my thoughts my feelings

My days

Without you the hurt is unbareable


Come back to where it all began

Where innocence of life and

Ignorance was true

I shouldve followed you

down the Stairs unto

A platform of imaginings

Where love is just

To inhale you awaken me

My spirit it must

An artist you paint passion into the skies

Strumming your strings above

Us so high

Alas it was never to be but a dream

For was it a memory

Or just an imaginary

You reached over as fireworks

and the clock it tick tocks

It’s twelve bells it rings as

The new year it knocks

Was that the same memory

You share as you breathe

Twas but 30 years ago

Fresh with a bridal wreathe

I told you a no

And have the pain of regret

A stranger reached out

For my lips and my breathe

For fireworks blew up

Above our heads

Another my betrothed

Watched with abated breathe

The music surrounds and

The wine it sure flowed

My head as it swimmed

To your strange colour code

I’ve met you before up above

In the skies

Before we were born

Before man had died

Where candles were light

And foot was the travel

YOU were my betrothed my spirit

My navel

Attached to our hearts

Arteries beating as one

We shared each deep thought

From whenst did it come

As we wrinkle with age

And a meeting renewed

You ask me do I know you

I could only amuse

For the walls are quite high now

To never be jumped

Know as I write this

My throat a sticky lump

Restrained me from speaking

But a smile escapes

A photo of us

As we pass by the gate

As everyone watches another spots you

Takes a photo of us

As our spirits renew

For this is not forever

Utopia awaits

I am dying today and

I promise restraint

To not look at another

Again i will not

I will wait for that spark

The one you just shot


My reason to live
My reason for death
I don’t need air
You are my breath
The reason I smile
The reason I live
My body my soul
My everything I give
To you I pledge
With all my heart
My organs my will
To you I will part
The roaring train in my head
So loud I hear
My heart racing hard
I wont shed a tear
I will swallow it up
The butterflies in my chest
Beating their wings
Hard against my breast
The thought of you
The images conjure
A person of strength
A smile to torture
Every smile every glance
Every look you see through
Every soul every zombie
That ever meets you