Is rare and only used when to impress


Amongst only a few

Those whom have lived the truth

Those whom have seen the Blue


We like to believe

Is around us cloaked with deceit


Will win in the end

And only when truth is spoken my friend


Will be rewarded

And not by the fittest or richest

But by those who are round and fit it

Get my drift

No rift here just pleased you’re happy

The dead rise

And so it begins

3 days 3 nights

Inhabiting those they love

Unawares the damage they cause

Whilst they walk amongst us again

The ring of fire is burning

The stars collide and turning

And beezlebub shakes and knows the stakes

Are being sharpened

But He is ascending

Minds blown and bending

As the dead join the army

Tis time

There is no more was just an illusion

Protrusion collusion

Created by man

Goodnight then and wake

To the New World

‘Tis quiet all about

Yet you hide with no words to shout

Is it the quiet before a storm

There are so many waiting for words to adore

Do I plan for more travels adventures to see

The great family that rules music you see

There are questions accusations and lies to hear

But when you’re ready I guess, you’ll say no fear


Blown away

Her magic

Here to stay

Her light

Dimmed today

Her soul

Renewed and played

Out a journey

Of one so blessed

Yet now she rests

Tired but not finished

Let her love life and journey

On this ungodly world

Be a lesson to mere mortals

Your time is short

Love and light

Her words not mine

Rest In Peace now

For Olivia Newton John

Suitcases packed

The time has come

Your call you’ve beckoned

Flights booked You won

Family ties at rest and peace

New beginnings new country

New friends new lease

From a sheltered world With blinkers on

When the plane lands

Old reunions and bonds

Will once again pick up as before

The connection made

Back in 2004

The pan flute

Filtering through

The white noise

Smothering the chaos

And Nonsensical toys

Massaging temples

Forcing me

To relocate

And just be

Ave Maria

Playing softly

Hitting the high notes

This will cost me

Ignoring the repercussions

I continue to listen

As he continues

To send his breath

Down the beautifully

Carved wooden tubes

Mastering the manipulation

Of the body mind and soul

Of all whom stop to listen

As the music is drawing to an end

Another day will go by with

A tear falling from eyes

Red from all that’s happened, is happening

Will happen.

Begging for the pied piper not to stop

He can’t hear me but, resumes his

Melody. Knowing he’s caught another soul

And will lead the way

With the understanding I will follow….

Crown of Thorns

Oh dear it would seem

A sacrificial lamb is needed

For the crown of thorns

Are ready and beaded

Now to find an innocent and pure

One whom has proven

Their worthiness and is sure

She’ll lay down her life

Her soul and her innocence

To wash him a clean of his

Follies and sins

She’s ready and waiting

By the window in white

Just whisper her name

Into the Night


Neither here nor there

Life isn’t fair

Where do I belong

metal strums a song

The games you play

The walls are up

What do you say

Fill up my cup

I’ll give you more

So you won’t bore

Leave you a key

To use you see

Unlock and turn

Feeling me burn

To light a flame

Playing your game

Here is love for you

Your soul renews

Be well and free

One day with me


Oh who am I kidding

A thought will shatter the day

A breeze will take me away

Your voice commanding my presence

Berating the child within

Anger melts when you come out to play

But for one moment and only one

I forgot why. The gentle stroke of your hand on my cheek

Your thumb on my lower lip yes

At that moment it isn’t you and I it’s we

We live then. To live is to Love


It’s total madness the words are spinning

Through fog and mist

Synchronicity ain’t it bliss

The music we make when both together

The moments of euphoria I’ll remember forever

Thoughts intermingled words connected

Streaming over oceans to grab the Victory Rose