Is rare and only used when to impress


Amongst only a few

Those whom have lived the truth

Those whom have seen the Blue


We like to believe

Is around us cloaked with deceit


Will win in the end

And only when truth is spoken my friend


Will be rewarded

And not by the fittest or richest

But by those who are round and fit it

Get my drift

No rift here just pleased you’re happy

The dead rise

And so it begins

3 days 3 nights

Inhabiting those they love

Unawares the damage they cause

Whilst they walk amongst us again

The ring of fire is burning

The stars collide and turning

And beezlebub shakes and knows the stakes

Are being sharpened

But He is ascending

Minds blown and bending

As the dead join the army

Tis time

There is no more was just an illusion

Protrusion collusion

Created by man

Goodnight then and wake

To the New World

A liar in the house

Small like a mouse

But larger than the Krause

Will come undone

And like her daughter who left the son

Of a mother’s number one

She too pretends to be blue

Yet follows you to find yr clues

And tears you down

Smothers you takes your breath

Whatever for the hue is red

Cannot find those that tread

Softly behind amongst the fog

Just like a puppy dog

There are those that will see through the Liar s

The crow

She is black sleek and shiny

Her eyes are black beady and tiny

Yet all her words ring true ever so blue

Fast and furious flapping her wings and so she strings

All those that admire although are tired

Listen and smile whilst file away all for another day

So now I’ll pray she will heal and peel

The truth behind the manic squawk and plunging like a hawk

Thank you

Who would’ve thought

While out and sought

A sign to save me

A sign of life

Under a farmer’s wide brim

There you were resting

Your tired blue eyes

Hair of shaggy grey

Shirt checkered and frayed

A slight wink and smile

Turned up corners

Only thoughts are sly

I get it. I know

You’re always around

Quicker than a ninja

You were out of here

But all my illusions

Love and contusions

Stirring up the next big thing

To focus on and sing

Seeking Out the truth

Be aware the devils advocate

Or she dwells amongst the activists

And copy cats will prove

Their unwavering trouvé

Of knowledge of you

See I told you blue

To be


Chains envelope me


makes sense now breathe

Pray for roads to open

Pray for ways of coping

Overwhelming moods of broken

Tired blues, lowered eyes

Bloodshot visions downturn smiles

Glimmer shimmer hopes are fading

High waves start wading

Swallow salty tears cascading

Waterfalls hitting rocks

keys and locks beckon opening

Knives are out start to sharpen

She won’t let up admit defeat

Leave it alone you beast

Give it a rest and peace

When the same old same repeats

Folks turn away you see?

Find the new meld with the rest

Now you know who is the best

Listen learn hear their heart beat

Sense the wars offer peace

Palms open honesty brews

Shoulders relax

I hear you…

A grey feather in my brim

A green feather amongst autumn leaves

A white feather softly falls from above

You’ve left me dear in a room with love

Eyes closed whispers a tune

Whenever a feather is near you

I’m thinking of you

A black and white feather amongst cracked paving below

My sneaker nudges it free with a toe

A blue and white feather caught on a branch

Run to you I will given the chance

And just like that the memories relive

To hold you for a moment my life I would give

As darkness descends I google a feather

And remember your words soon we will be together


A nice word Square not round but said with intent

Took me awhile to realise the meaning behind your word to me


Hard working

Grinds the stone each day

Open book

Naive not as much but still learning

Flows with the vibe

No contrive

Am alive

Time to jive

Well here I am

With open arms

Six words to make your heart race

No steady pace

To hold and embrace

Letting all walls down

All fears drown

Just the sound of two hearts

Coming together

Just now. Maybe forever

As I come to you

With open arms

Steve sings he knows

The innocence and vulnerability

This song holds and shows

Believe when I say

This love is here to stay

Open Arms

Thank you Mr Perry


Melancholy day

Contemplate on the word hate

As I listen to the offerings

The giving

the words spilling forth

Realisations creeping in

Like stowaways hiding in the corners of a large maze

Only coming out when safe to do so

Leaving breadcrumbs behind to gently let you know

Your job is done

Your reward a nod, a smile, a memory

Surreal feelings of joy but only for a brief hour

Turn sour bereft of power

Only words building a tower

Of the imagining

Then fade to a wispy white above

As a new day begins with the sun rise

Promising the pain will lessen if you don’t think

Another drink

Allow the stowaways to settle

Amidst the nettle

Gently drinking from the golden goblet

Of yesterday

As I listen some more to the meanderings of

The calculating teaching you to step up

Out coax you from the shell you built

As a young one

I’m looking for that shell now

What the hell

You won’t be missed the stowaway tells

Cocoon further into yourself as you protect

What little you have left

Your only regret

The empty promises that were made

Now fade into a movie you once sang

My dear …..