The laugh

Of one not quite there

She lives in a world of untruths

With no care

For those she will hurt

It’s evident and clear

Her lies and manipulation

Change direction and steer

They told me to watch her

Why bring her to the fold

Because she is close

And mad and cold

So release her and give her

something to relish

Or am I being

Too forward and selfish


Is yours

In whatever way you see it

The truth is yours

In whatever way you feel it

But if the mind is broke

Is the truth cracked too

Within these cracks

Are buried the real truth

Have I told you

I need you to help me get through this

Things are falling apart

The jigsaw pieces won’t hold anymore

The ice now in my heart

My voice is low and trembles

new depths to this blue

Soon there’ll be no purpose

If life is without you

Time on Earth

Should be all it promises

Sunshines and lollipops

Unicorns and horses

But listen while I spill a spool

Of loneliness and heartaches

Where trees Sway

Stairs are long

and winding

And sighs escape when they may

So jig it up

Drop a few, mix it if it pleases

The plan to plot

No sadness you want

So drop them as you need to…


That rising ache reaching up wanting

To explode the hurt and pain

Caused by the words that bite and chew

Through the flesh and knawing

At the brittle bones that once were strong

Before the chemicals pumped into veins to stop the

Black mass wanting to overtake

The very matter and thousands of atoms that

Shaped her very being.

But twice the lump that threatened her

To spew forth was suppressed . Down deep

Pretending she didn’t hear the spiteful words

And carried on to create the friendly atmosphere

Unbeknownst to all she knows who lies

Who is deceitful and whom has used her. So quiet

And silent she’ll be. For silence will scream and then the

Sun will shine again and summer will light up the eyes

Hiding behind a veil of sadness engulfing her very

Spirit from lighting the very way needed to go on.


Tired of the games they play

Sore from the work I do

Wrinkled from the age I am

The colour I feel is blue

Look up towards the sun today

Breathe in and close the eyes

Thinking of the place to be

The ocean breeze and sandflies

Listening for the waves

Thoughts starting to run

Breathe is quickening

Remember to have fun

But then the eyes will open

And birds above in the trees

Laughing and calling

For we are not free

Closing in

White where does it begin

Where does it end

Adding the red

To pink it will blend

Add the green

Shade of violet is seen

Adding the blue

A dark brown hue

Adding the white

A milk coffee in sight

All this talk of warm drinks

Now a cake I will sink

Into it’s sweet flavours

Share with your neighbours

My View and realtime thoughts

Still blue above with the waves of clouds mottling it’s surface

A lonely leaf auburn in colour swirls and swirls

As the twisted branches of hands release their grasp

So the star shaped leaf is free

Free to float and swirl as it pleases

With not a care in the world a white majestic butterfly

Flitters past the leaf on towards the evergreen glossy

Leaves of an English buxus.

It too knows what freedom is

Free to flit and flirt with every branch laden with leaves but

Decides to rest on the flower of a photinia plant.

A child scoots past on a scooter with a mother red faced and huffing

Little does the cherub faced scooter know what lies ahead

The shackles of responsibility that we call life.

How they burden our everyday thoughts

Ah freedom. Are we truly free as a butterfly

Or the leaf that floats away …

Love is all that remains

When all is lost left behind and broken

Two people are spent, bruised and choking

On tears that once were dry creek beds

Are now flowing for the end

Has now approached it wasn’t seen

What broke them now is reality

Their love was friendship always has been

They helped each other grow through combining

All they had and all they knew

The love that blossomed grew and grew

As soulmates and family have love for each other

Their love is true for one another

But destiny has woken and has stopped them in tracks

And showed one the true love the love he lacks

So broken and now the one must pick up

Her strength and stop her tears just suck it up

Forward movement remove those chains

For love only love is all that remains….

Play me like a fool

Just like a spool in a sewing machine

Winding me up but how long is a string

You played me the fool

Showed me up

This tightly bound spool

Then pressed the foot

Released my cord

Weaving me through

When you are bored

Creating the seam

For your open wounds

Using my beam

For your tunes

I worry for you

Your mosh mash of thoughts

Missing you heaps

The thread is your words

Come home…