The dead rise

And so it begins

3 days 3 nights

Inhabiting those they love

Unawares the damage they cause

Whilst they walk amongst us again

The ring of fire is burning

The stars collide and turning

And beezlebub shakes and knows the stakes

Are being sharpened

But He is ascending

Minds blown and bending

As the dead join the army

Tis time

There is no more was just an illusion

Protrusion collusion

Created by man

Goodnight then and wake

To the New World

Where once was

A thought a pose a rose

We had to build a wall to block the noise

Coming from across the oceans

Stopping our vibrations

From intertwining a simple life

We were fine but now there’s no life

The veil that envelopes us

Choking us

Comes from the country of the free

But in actuality it isn’t you see

From whenst their young ones

Are babes out of cradles taught to perform

For one another but not to search for the other flame

So who is to blame

The mother who was a bother

It comes to light

It was their fight a shotgun wedding

A babe was born

And now he is alone reaching out for what who knows

The fame that never came

I sure hope he finds the spark

Then leaves us to be simple again

Tread softly your words are being read

Then maybe she will see red

Thank you

Who would’ve thought

While out and sought

A sign to save me

A sign of life

Under a farmer’s wide brim

There you were resting

Your tired blue eyes

Hair of shaggy grey

Shirt checkered and frayed

A slight wink and smile

Turned up corners

Only thoughts are sly

I get it. I know

You’re always around

Quicker than a ninja

You were out of here

But all my illusions

Love and contusions

Stirring up the next big thing

To focus on and sing

Seeking Out the truth

Be aware the devils advocate

Or she dwells amongst the activists

And copy cats will prove

Their unwavering trouvé

Of knowledge of you

See I told you blue

The advocate

The voice for the one who cannot speak

The voice for the one who cannot see

The voice for the one who cannot read

The champion of the one who has no strength

But who holds the advocate up when his voice trembles

When his hands shake before he makes that call

The call to change it all

When he speaks for another’s soul

Once again I wear that hat

The advocates hat is heavy with thoughts

Of lives that will change when the morrow comes

And the muted will have a voice once more

Here have my voice, my strength and words

They are yours to change and do with what you will

To be


Chains envelope me


makes sense now breathe

Pray for roads to open

Pray for ways of coping

Overwhelming moods of broken

Tired blues, lowered eyes

Bloodshot visions downturn smiles

Glimmer shimmer hopes are fading

High waves start wading

Swallow salty tears cascading

Waterfalls hitting rocks

keys and locks beckon opening

Knives are out start to sharpen

She won’t let up admit defeat

Leave it alone you beast

Give it a rest and peace

When the same old same repeats

Folks turn away you see?

Find the new meld with the rest

Now you know who is the best

Listen learn hear their heart beat

Sense the wars offer peace

Palms open honesty brews

Shoulders relax

I hear you…

A grey feather in my brim

A green feather amongst autumn leaves

A white feather softly falls from above

You’ve left me dear in a room with love

Eyes closed whispers a tune

Whenever a feather is near you

I’m thinking of you

A black and white feather amongst cracked paving below

My sneaker nudges it free with a toe

A blue and white feather caught on a branch

Run to you I will given the chance

And just like that the memories relive

To hold you for a moment my life I would give

As darkness descends I google a feather

And remember your words soon we will be together

Well here I am

With open arms

Six words to make your heart race

No steady pace

To hold and embrace

Letting all walls down

All fears drown

Just the sound of two hearts

Coming together

Just now. Maybe forever

As I come to you

With open arms

Steve sings he knows

The innocence and vulnerability

This song holds and shows

Believe when I say

This love is here to stay

Open Arms

Thank you Mr Perry

A correction

Just to mention

A little this

And much more that

Just like a cat

Nervous tension

There is some care

Just to be fair

But some is rough

Is it enough

To want to travel

So let’s unravel

The meaning hidden

Amongst this riddle

Cest la vie

Crackers and cheese

On Aussie soil

Makes your blood boil


Magma on soil

Smell the Sulfur

Hot springs buffer

Technology down

7 days abound

Words jumbled

I heard you mumble

Smell the flowers

Breathe in and out

Manic views

Lost their cool

Grab yr popcorn

Clown and fools

The view from here

Is so clear

They’ll draw you in

To their tears

And so it goes

Ideas flow

But I don’t care

To want to share

When olive branches

left unattended

Due to selfish

Words said of others

The story ends

A letter sent

With a stamp

From heaven’s lent

They tell you this of her and he

What words are spoken of you ? See?

The girl with the hidden anxiety. 

She dreams often

Smiles and talks whilst closing her eyes

She feels the world

Her circle to realise

She’s different

Her gift the knowing of the spark in front of her

Their thoughts feelings of truth

Even if they cover their eyes

With lies

She’s aware

What their soul bares

Her anxiety is their truth

What their heart screams

But words cover up

When just a babe

Innocent of truth

Her gift took her youth

She grew up quick

But now she’s older

Wiser and stronger

The men in her life have bled her dry

As she cries and strives

To use her gift for the one person who matters the most

But almost a ghost

It’s too late now

She wipes her brow

To never have known what her purpose was

Is or should’ve been

Her gift took her on many journeys for other’s paths

But never for herself

So her gift was also a curse

Entwined together was the knowing with the fear

Equals anxiety of what else would the next

Spark reveal

The brain

Is a funny thing

The way it splits in two

I wonder if

Down deep inside

Two personalities

Not one is true

Man made us believe

In good and bad

To seperate the few

But what if

Reality is false

And delusion

Is the real cue

We’ve been taught

The brain rules the roost

The heart is meant to follow

But if there are

Two paths to take

Which one will lead

To sorrow

So here I tell

You of my thoughts

Facebook Instagram

And twitter too

Are all but one part

Of the brain

The other is the real you

So Mish mash them both

Roll them out

Which one is

The true blue ?