Got it

Get it

Over it

See it

Believe it

Question it

Narrate it

Make it

Feel it

Don’t drop it

Hold it

Embrace it

Face it







Catching on…

A single candle burns in wait

For the return of your mate

To join in festivities of a journey ends

A journey when all you hand to depends

And hopes they’ll leave you at peace

To carry on with your treats

You’ve worked so hard and earned it all

Now they’ll leave you alone for sure

Or will they get greedy for more and more

Let’s wait and see what is in store

Once you leave them to fend

And tell them all this is the end

Don’t let me down

Sang the Lennon man

How those words ring true

For every girl and lad

But never so much more

Right down to the core

Relationships a chore

Always work out the deets

When lies are to the fore

Honesty she seeks

Freedom now reeks

Havoc on us all

So what’s in store

Wait for someone else to take the reigns

Then who knows what tomorrow brings

As the new year rings

Say goodbye to us all

A new chapter is before

Us so Don’t let me down…

There it is done

No more number one

A life served for others

Tis such a bother

When will it be

The answer is me

Falling apart

Nothing left to start

Another chapter

Where I am the star

Of this movie called Life

Always in strife

I’m tired just let me be


A union of convenience

Lacks all of magic


So tragic

Strength and truth

To create a unit

That promises

Family love and kindness

Or is it blindness

And selected hearing

Fearing the strength

Only comes from rearing it’s ugly head

Love for where is Ye

Uplifting and joyous unions

New beginnings and chapters ending

Promises of more yet one sided and bored

Tired and grey

Let’s pray for the end

Quicker than the grave

Our souls entwined no longer

No longer stronger

Began with the abuse of one man

You just stood there

I hate you for this

Where are you white knight

The storytellers promised us this

I hate you too

Sour and crude

I am now too

There doesn’t need to be anything said

No words to shed

A hole in the head

When lightly tread

On feelings bled

Emotions rear ugly head

So just be

In the now

On long white clouds

I heard your sound

The call of lost in the chaos

You came prayed on a hill

Answered your call

But now you know

When a private universe grows

So the balance is restored

It’s time for this rhyme

To end don’t fight it

Just right it

The rest will lead you on

To northern shores where you weren’t strong

Then the curse will be undone

It’s called karma you poetic son

And now it’s time

To end the rhyme

Life will be sublime

Birthday wishes to you

I always knew

you were a

November child

Full of grace

But mimic the wild

Are you stretched strained and blue

Did the fam celebrate it too ?

Well never fear it’s not midnight yet

Birthday wishes over states you’ll get

From me to you

May it be a wonderful day

A door closes

Was only ajar

But for a few moments

And only afar

The words left unspoken

Linger still

Over the oceans

On slopes of a hill

The cottages are burning

With flames well lit

The sofa seat warm

From the warmth beneath

From 5 star locations

To 2 in the woods

Creating the moments

Rest upon us and could

Lead to memories of joy

Happiness and bliss

Your hair eyes and voice

Know I truly miss


I’m sorry I wasn’t there

Nor did I know

I’m sorry you were in pain

And your soul had to go

A lovely light with love

Your guiding light

Reached out to me

To share your joy

I was more than happy

To hear and know

I was blessed to know you

Blessed you chose me

A bright spark

A beautiful laugh

Fly now and be free

Watch over your loved ones

All love and miss thee