And yet again

I awake at 3

Only to be

Reminded of Thee

The first thing I see

Is the rolling waves

Of the sea

A young man balanced is he

Wind in his hair

On the ocean is Free

An idea merged and as I purged, it to life, she screamed a delight, took this plan and told the man it was hers and now she’s cursed by me I loathe, the lonely goat, upon her hill, by the windowsill, she sits in wait , for another idea, for she has none, of her own. What a foolish mind, oh and all those lies, the vom is great, runs of her hill, amongst the village, but soon the sleepy, will see the spew, of the news and her need, to control it all. Farewell and adios Amadeus

And now I know

So how it goes

They used my name

For fortune and fame

You gave them a gift

To pass to me

But she lied and imitated

Pretended to be

You have been fooled

Yet again she ruled

The liar will lose

All she gained

Ah no pity

And so it rains….

For what is love?

Ah Julian but what is love. Is it found in a flower with all it’s beauty, is it found in the wind as it caresses your ears, is it found in the sky with the different shades of blue or is it within you along with one you once knew ? Keep well during these times 🙏💙❤️

Time on Earth

Should be all it promises

Sunshines and lollipops

Unicorns and horses

But listen while I spill a spool

Of loneliness and heartaches

Where trees Sway

Stairs are long

and winding

And sighs escape when they may

So jig it up

Drop a few, mix it if it pleases

The plan to plot

No sadness you want

So drop them as you need to…



Always the friend

A little like the bridesmaid

But never the bride

Chase never to be had

Yet breadcrumbs leave a trail for who?

Signals always flashing

For the led lights are always red

Shoulders are soft yet strong

But only used to carry the burden

Smile misread for friends

And only used to cheer you up

Eyes forever lowered

So the heart shan’t peak beyond eyelashes

Voice always quivers

But whispers words to set the tone

Blame I have only me

it’s easier than to hurt again

A little ditty

Here she goes again oh oh oh

Falling swaying twirling oh oh oh oh

That sinking feeling oh oh oh oh

You’ve been there once before

You’ve been there once before

The pulling undertow

The pulling undertow

The crash and the burn

The crash and the burn

The nothing left to say

She’s left her body sways

The promises you made

The fabric as it frays

Just ashes on the floor

Go running for the door

Vacant eyes

Searching the room

The promises she made

A good thing she just blew

Here she goes again

Falling swaying twirling

That sinking feeling

You’ve been there once before

You’ve been there once before

Go running for the door

Go running for the door

Don’t want to

Don’t want to

Bleeding words forevermore

Don’t want to

Don’t want to


There she goes

Eyes roll back

The words she lacks


That tired feeling

Washing over my skin

The new normal

Has broken me in

The search is over

All stones up turned

Today I’m sober

My spirit is burned

All hope is lost

Can’t see you smile

The masks now block

So many vacant eyes

Stare back at me

Uncertain futures

People ready to flee

I woke up tired

And sore and blue

Tired of this sham

This world of new 💙