Time for a Change

But the change is here

New laws and boundaries

The change is near

Riots and destruction

Unfolding everywhere

Pickets and signs

Long unbrushed hair

Don’t look them in the eye

Please don’t you dare

They’ll hurt you command you

Kill you if you care

Nothing’s achieved by paying those men

To destroy others property

What now what then

I’m here to tell you

You’ll be found out I’m sure

The anger the hatred

The violence you lured

You cannot break LOVE


You’re an enigma to me

One two three

Happy today

Cheerful and gay

Disappearing tomorrow

With all your sorrow

Finish these words

Flying like birds

Gather and nest

Sleep now just rest

Gather your strength

A long travel and send

Them all packing

They’re heavy and flacking

Here’s the spark you need

Inhale and breath

It’s only two weeks

If it’s freedom you seek

Go on just do it

You’re muse you won’t lose it

A liar has moved in

I’ve known for a little while now

Oh how she cries like a cat meows

When hungry and won’t let up

Always taunting hey what’s up

The fake ness is overbearing

Her lying and her sharing

Of stories old and boring

Move on he yells whilst snoring

Change your tune little one

As the the fight has not been won

Yes his attention to you ruffled feathers

So sorry to hear you didn’t take the weather

Indeed he mentions others too

But really the glass slipper is not your shoe

It belongs to his queen

Who’s hardly seen

So I forgive you for thinking he was alone

As you see you’ve been fooled

Like a dog with a bone

The wildest of dreams

‘Tis true as the story goes

Never in my wildest of dreams

Standing alone on the foreshore

Connected by a static beam

Blue and white crackle and pop

But hatred for me it seems

You terrorise shake up rattle and roll

Then whisper sweet nothings my dear

So tender one minute and angry the next

I mask my god foresaken fear

Yet a victim professes only love and devotes

Their heart to always be near

I don’t idolise procrastinate whip lashings and such

Just to listen then just to grieve

So tell me why me what have I done

You have chosen to mock, be a bitter pill

When only defend honor fight for and shield

Joan would have been proud to the fill

Do I lay down my sword

Tell me my friend

Never follow you to the ends

The ball is now bouncing in your court

No more no more hurt

Cut the chord the tune the blue melody hue

The tune you and I Wounds open and bled


Oh sweet nightfall

is upon us once more

Head throbbing

As I open the door

Not what I dreamed of

When a young girl was born

Was not what I prayed for

when you walked through that door

Feet are blistered with callous and splits

Hands are wrinkled and dry with defeat

Hard work was an option

there is no other way

To continue to work hard

To the man I pay

So death will be freedom

For enslaved are we all

Eyes lowered with tears

Tired Will come afore

A coward am I

Death would be such peace

Then start again would I

From they I am released


The edge

Barefoot and clad

in singlet and shorts

On wet jagged rocks

water and rock fought

Pain in my body

Illness has spread

Head is swirling

Standing on the edge

‘Tis nearly time

Bird circles above

Lifting my thoughts

Peace screams the dove

Yes peace will soon

Come to smother

The pain the thoughts

The hurt the other….


Patience is for those with time

Never mind that time

Isn’t true

One for me and you

learn the truth

Of shackles placed on ankles

From the day of birth

Work hard and be rewarded

For with patience and time

And do no crime

You’ll be wealthy in love and land

life will be grand

For without time

There’ll be no climb

To be with thee

And enjoy the sea

Too old and grey

To enjoy being free

Love bites

Coolness whispered upon the skin

Wet and ever so slight

Goosebump chills Present and clear

Words echoed into the night

The blue cobblestones hard and cold on the cheek

cannot move so lay where you rest

A sudden chance meeting eyes locked and a greeting

Blinded for this was a test

Every last drop of pain and tears fall

Into a bucket Drains life 

Hastily You left in the pouring rain 

words sharp and cut Like a knife

What was to be was never true

Words sung into the air

You never loved eyes of ocean blue

Greedy soul without a care

Your bite has left an open wound

Oozing such bittersweet 

For the passion ensued much pain and pleasure

Yet a lesson was learnt now and here

To be loved know of love have loved and comatose

A dream of many an innocent 

Just like the moon not many are clued

The half the full and the crescent 

So the stars are bright the moon is near 

The clouds drop their tears

Pick up your soul leave your skin

For darkness is almost here