Uh oh here we go

Another trip

Down that road

Of birds that sing

And bells that ring

Hearts a flutter

Words to stutter

Stranger tunes

On vibes renewed

Catches and sniffs

Guitar riffs

That crooked smile

Words that rhyme

Eyes that spark

Singing larks

Uh oh here we go

Midnight chats

Screaming cats

Hair on end

Hearts that blend

No I won’t

Allow the rope

To tie it’s knot

Across my heart

Been there before

What a laugh

So heed my thoughts

No stories bought

This thing called love

This singing Dove

There’s only one

He’s number one

When I’m confused

He is my Muse

The day begins

Without sin

Food from the earth

Replenish within

The day starts

A lonely heart

Again no thoughts

Just only let’s start

The dawn breaks

She moves and shakes

Dogs to walk

The pain is great

Phone turns on

The mask is on

Whom will she meet

Their smiles so fake

Afternoon comes round

Ever so fast

Nearly home

A smile at last

The world has changed

These thoughts of blue

The only truth

Lives inside you

At night alone

Let yesterday rest

For tomorrow lies

Another test

What is this for

Why do we exist

To follow a life

Without sin

Warm tongue

Guitar strung

Now the music has begun

Broken man

On piano plays

Looking older

These days

Fingers play

ivory bones

Words at play

Sticks n stones

Surrounded by many

inside alone

Voice cracked

there’s the tone

Something is wrong

Where’s the new song

Said the lover

Of the other

Little clues

Old man has dropped

The journey he feels

Needs to stop

There is no love across the pond

For his thoughts visions and songs

Perhaps be happy for what you have

What you gained whilst others wain

In your presence

An open book

Nothing hidden she shook

So time will tell

Ring the bell

The crier told

A story will unfold

When looking for love

Seek it from above

Got it

Get it

Over it

See it

Believe it

Question it

Narrate it

Make it

Feel it

Don’t drop it

Hold it

Embrace it

Face it







Catching on…

Bowler hat

Of grey

A resting smile on your face

As you walked by with a scruffy dog

Ever so busy sniffing the earth

Dark shades on but I caught your stare

Do I dare


I’ll just trace the lines on your skin

In the air

As I breathe the sun in

A deep exhale then my fingers reach

Your sun kissed lips

Do smile when they reach the cleft of your chin

The canvas almost filled with my

Fingers recreating your face

There it is done

Your face in the air

The pull

The pull

From me to you

The strain

Amongst the pain

The hurt

The hole in shirt

The pain

Has left me lame

The spark

The cries of a lark


Of long lost forages

The ties

Your chains and lies


And ancient titans


Festival happenings


Now the true test


Paid the penance


Rested on a shelf

My turn

No more Yearns


Now we shall see

A single candle burns in wait

For the return of your mate

To join in festivities of a journey ends

A journey when all you hand to depends

And hopes they’ll leave you at peace

To carry on with your treats

You’ve worked so hard and earned it all

Now they’ll leave you alone for sure

Or will they get greedy for more and more

Let’s wait and see what is in store

Once you leave them to fend

And tell them all this is the end

Don’t let me down

Sang the Lennon man

How those words ring true

For every girl and lad

But never so much more

Right down to the core

Relationships a chore

Always work out the deets

When lies are to the fore

Honesty she seeks

Freedom now reeks

Havoc on us all

So what’s in store

Wait for someone else to take the reigns

Then who knows what tomorrow brings

As the new year rings

Say goodbye to us all

A new chapter is before

Us so Don’t let me down…


You owe me nothing

Just as I owe nought

But it somehow feels

Like you’ve been bought

Is this real

What I sought

Or just a game

Of crosses and noughts

‘Twas fun

Drove to the sun

But where we landed

Rain and wind

Had pelted

Magic lost

Greed lustre has cost

The earth to find

No more sparks a bind

Light is fake

Nothing’s left to stake

Was a blast knowing

Your journey was over

Let us down gently

Good folks and gentry

It’s all now staged

There’s no rage

Just sadness left

Will cry tomorrow

As it will be the last

Nothing left to chance

At the devils section

Amongst the mix

You’ll find sunshine shades

Don’t forget to blow kisses and wave

Let me know

The care factor won’t show

Is buried in the snow

Deep into the crevices

Of your arteries I’ll flow

And charge you again in 10 years or so