That tired feeling

Washing over my skin

The new normal

Has broken me in

The search is over

All stones up turned

Today I’m sober

My spirit is burned

All hope is lost

Can’t see you smile

The masks now block

So many vacant eyes

Stare back at me

Uncertain futures

People ready to flee

I woke up tired

And sore and blue

Tired of this sham

This world of new 💙


You’ve Recently closed

Unplugged just gone

Lost connection

No light shone

Out of reach

Out of sight

Into the darkness

Out of the light

Did you wish to end it

With all your might

We’ve been tricked

By the oceans bight

A spark to ignite

The fury caused

Create divisions

Between the groups

Just an incision

That won’t be stitched

And can’t be fixed

Not who you are

So near yet far

I’ve tried for you

Oh hero of blue

To create peace

And hatred release

No light ahead

I fear and dread

My physical pain

Return twin flame

‘Twas not to be

Not meant to leave

Return back home

Not the unknown


You’re angry

I feel it

What have I done

I’m scared


I want to run

I shouldn’t have said yes

I didn’t think you’d come

You’re smile you’re eyes

Were always such fun

Now there’s disappointment

A reason to yell

The beginning of the anger

The sound of the bell

Get away far away

As far as your legs take

The anger I can’t stand

All I will forsake

But without your love

My heart will break

I’m sorry

I was wrong

An offering on my plate

Please take my soul

Forgive me I’m sorry

Please tell me what I’ve done

Before I start to run



It’s all so still

Silent cold and grey


Broken I feel

Hurting shattered betrayed


Autopilot keep smiling and stay


Feel nothing invisible ghostly frayed


Blackened soul deep within dead


See right through fragile mind Always dread


Purple you shade
A colour I avoid
I cannot fathom
How you are adored
Streaks of you I admit
Are darker shades of blue
When mixed with a black brown
Then it becomes you
So you are the depression and
Angst with the sad
Hurting a young girl
Whom feels truly bad
She’s one mixed up soul
No mother who adores
Was thrown in a white room
Tied up in four walls
Her soul is so passionate
Purple she oozes
Latched onto your heart
And words of blue
I have tried to stop her
From adulates and suns
You are her idol
Whatever will become
Of this young purple girl
Followed you to the ends
Of the world her hair curled
She handed you a present
Was met with a cold ice
A curt thank you
Her heart you did splice
Once again I am sorry
I will bring attention to she
I now know how incorrigible
She is and her needs






It’s so quiet

you’ve gone

A chemical


My addiction

Your voice

My addiction

My choice

Cells dancing


Common sense


The only thing

I enjoy

Another hit

Bring me up

Elevate me

Blowing up

Mind reeling

Loose control

Like a comet

Or asteroid

Then crash

Leaves a hole

You’ve hit my high

Now low

Another fix

Is what I need

My insatiable

You Feed

Rehab is what

I need


Shadows in amongst the Blue
A memory of me
A memory of you
There lie the secrets
One dare not tells
Whispers and potions
Of magic and spells
Frequencies of music
Sung with love and despair
An emotion a depth
a voice so rare
Thousands of hearts
All want a piece of you
One in paticular
So young can you see
Her heart was broken
By her aunt she still bleeds
Now she is 18
Wants to meet you
Whilst the shadows grow darker
These shadows of blue



I float
This way and that
I float
Towards you
Slide like a cat
You come closer
I shake
What to say
All hopes of a coherant sentence
You look you stare you inhale
Eyes widen a smile prevails
You recognise my words eyes and hue
There’ll be not another you

*remember to breathe


When is my girl coming home

A little girl
No can’t be I wirled
She kicked with a vengeance
And turns with no penance
A punch over here
Get me out I hear
For my belly grew bigger
Whilst the babe climbed like a rigger
Up into my chest
Never to rest
9 months I carried you
Whilst you burped and cooed
Tonight my heart broke
You laughed like I joked
I cried you did not ring
Whilst you continued to sing
I fretted all night
We’re you in a fight?
No text no sound
Your phone on silent mode
Were you in a gutter
Killed by a nutter
I could not sleep
But continued to weep
I must now let you go
So you will now grow
Into a lady you’ll be
A fierce one I see
A heart of pure gold
Cold yellow and bold


What’s up

Early to bed
To clear the head
A fog and a haze
For many a days
Could have been years
Didn’t use my ears
To listen and nurture
Our mother nature
Is choking and dying
Whilst many are sighing
The trees turning brown
Falling leaves hit the ground
Birds fall from the skies
Children rubbing their eyes
Allergies bring on sneezes
Old man is wheezing
Planes overhead
White smoke now I dread
Smoke turns into a cloud
Bees buzzing around
Lost in direction
Deserving a mention
Fish swimming to land
Dying on the hot sand
Who are the dredgers
Of sand they make riches
I bow to noone
Nor money only LOVE
And now I will sleep
For mother Earth I weep