Floating words

Floatings words so free

So light

Coming to me

In the blackest of night

From the darkest corners

Of the deep deep blue

Amongst the shadows

Combined they are new

Describing my thoughts my feelings

My days

Without you the hurt is unbareable


Come back to where it all began

Where innocence of life and

Ignorance was true

I shouldve followed you

down the Stairs unto

A platform of imaginings

Where love is just

To inhale you awaken me

My spirit it must

An artist you paint passion into the skies

Strumming your strings above

Us so high

Alas it was never to be but a dream

For was it a memory

Or just an imaginary

You reached over as fireworks

and the clock it tick tocks

It’s twelve bells it rings as

The new year it knocks

Was that the same memory

You share as you breathe

Twas but 30 years ago

Fresh with a bridal wreathe

I told you a no

And have the pain of regret

A stranger reached out

For my lips and my breathe

For fireworks blew up

Above our heads

Another my betrothed

Watched with abated breathe

The music surrounds and

The wine it sure flowed

My head as it swimmed

To your strange colour code

I’ve met you before up above

In the skies

Before we were born

Before man had died

Where candles were light

And foot was the travel

YOU were my betrothed my spirit

My navel

Attached to our hearts

Arteries beating as one

We shared each deep thought

From whenst did it come

As we wrinkle with age

And a meeting renewed

You ask me do I know you

I could only amuse

For the walls are quite high now

To never be jumped

Know as I write this

My throat a sticky lump

Restrained me from speaking

But a smile escapes

A photo of us

As we pass by the gate

As everyone watches another spots you

Takes a photo of us

As our spirits renew

For this is not forever

Utopia awaits

I am dying today and

I promise restraint

To not look at another

Again i will not

I will wait for that spark

The one you just shot

Grass is greener

Scared to swim

Conquer fear you say

I tried I cried I sighed

I’ve been down this road

I can’t  I want to heave

I’m  faced with your image

Your face your scent your glow

How much do you know

You’re grooming me

I don’t understand I can’t think

I’m frozen my feet in concrete

The top of a cliff at the edge

My heart races my insides dread

What ifs buts and dead

Take my hand we’ll  do it together

Your knowing eyes smiling

Should’ve seen the red glow

On the count of three

You promised me

A better life

I cannot see

through these tears

Wind stroking trees

I left he

To a promised new

Now there’s just me

You’re gone

And no we

*the grass is greener


Cold soul

The story in you

A book untold
Words flow out
Eyes so cold
What have  you  seen
What have you done
Let me peel you
Layer by layer
Like an onion
You will cry
Till I see your soul
Like the sun
Warm your bones
Heat your eyes
Burn your thoughts
Turn them to ash
So you heal
Bring you back

New Bud

Like a budding rose
Fragile yet strong with the sweet perfume
First layer will fold backwards
Will curl and unravel to release wonder
Making you smile
Second layer will follow
But overlaps the creases of the first
It too will fold back releasing more perfume
3rd layer starts to open
Exposing it’s  delicate new colour
1st layer starts to change
A tinge of shadowing  fades the hue
4th layer is folding back onto the 3rd
It too wants and yearns the sun
Absorbing the ray kisses 1st 2nd and 3rd layers arching and stretching
5th layer now falls open
Gently knowing 1st layer is getting tired
The sweet fragrance filling the air
The 6th layer too wants to fold arch and stretch
Releasing more perfume you linger
The 7th layer was the last
She opens
She stretches
She arches then falls
One last scent but only ever wanted to please
She now must rest
She must drop all that she carried
She must tidy and prune all that is spent and used
She must rest and conserve for a new thought
A new idea
A new meal
A new option
A new job but mostly
A new offering is being developed
Just like a new bud

Memory of a missed moment

Lying in bed



I see you

March April 2012

Why didn’t you talk

Or walk

Eyes locked

Rep 4 milk

Lies of silk

Roll of yr tongue

I’m not the one

Or why did you come

Was it he

Did I imagine

This fever grips

My chest laden

With heavy burden

Did I miss

The moment passed

5 years ago

A broken heart