Release yourself

Is it she

That wants to be free

Why do you hold

Onto love forlorn

So many times

So many rhymes

All is lost when babe is born

The demand to listen

A dew drop glistens

Beware the tempestuous storm

Of love and like

Hopped on a bike

For another she is drawn

Up high in the tree

leaves drop beneath

Let the babe go

It’s time for he

A father is thee

Move on he should know

Don’t be shy

And don’t you lie

It’s ok to search for love

Another muse

Held your glance and bemused

So fly be free white dove


Hot and cold

My soul I sold

To the depths below

So lust will know

Curiosity killed

But this it filled

The darkest hole

Within my soul

Forever entombed

Within the womb

Of mortal sin

Harps and strings

Strung and play

So I lay

With the devil himself

Never did felt

Like this before

Broken and sore

I was on fire

But now require

Prayers from above

Not lust but love

Floating words

Floatings words so free

So light

Coming to me

In the blackest of night

From the darkest corners

Of the deep deep blue

Amongst the shadows

Combined they are new

Describing my thoughts my feelings

My days

Without you the hurt is unbareable


Come back to where it all began

Where innocence of life and

Ignorance was true

I shouldve followed you

down the Stairs unto

A platform of imaginings

Where love is just

To inhale you awaken me

My spirit it must

An artist you paint passion into the skies

Strumming your strings above

Us so high

Alas it was never to be but a dream

For was it a memory

Or just an imaginary

You reached over as fireworks

and the clock it tick tocks

It’s twelve bells it rings as

The new year it knocks

Was that the same memory

You share as you breathe

Twas but 30 years ago

Fresh with a bridal wreathe

I told you a no

And have the pain of regret

A stranger reached out

For my lips and my breathe

For fireworks blew up

Above our heads

Another my betrothed

Watched with abated breathe

The music surrounds and

The wine it sure flowed

My head as it swimmed

To your strange colour code

I’ve met you before up above

In the skies

Before we were born

Before man had died

Where candles were light

And foot was the travel

YOU were my betrothed my spirit

My navel

Attached to our hearts

Arteries beating as one

We shared each deep thought

From whenst did it come

As we wrinkle with age

And a meeting renewed

You ask me do I know you

I could only amuse

For the walls are quite high now

To never be jumped

Know as I write this

My throat a sticky lump

Restrained me from speaking

But a smile escapes

A photo of us

As we pass by the gate

As everyone watches another spots you

Takes a photo of us

As our spirits renew

For this is not forever

Utopia awaits

I am dying today and

I promise restraint

To not look at another

Again i will not

I will wait for that spark

The one you just shot


Whilst we wait

You play to thrill

You listen to us

Your music surreal

Like a child

Holding my breath

Longing for the bell

My phone vibrates

Humble you are

But something deeper and darker

Lurks in your head

Did we misread

One of your children

Hit the depths of your heart

Did someone depart

Left you a dart

Hitting the mark

But just like a shark

Biting you

Controlling you

Again I will wait

With abated breath for your next words

Along with the thousands

Who love you and your muse

For giving us the sweet sweet sound

That resonates with

Every cell of my being

I adore and thank you

For giving me blue


I can’t make you feel better
Sadness pulling you down
Black all around
Peace no sound
Train coming
Anxiety running
Towards you
White noise
Earthquake trembling
I know what you feel
Give me your fear
Look into my eyes
Drown in them
I’ll save you then


To stop
To breathe
To think
To see
To mull
To toss
To think
To gloss
Purse your lips
Heed a warning
Gut instinct
React and falling
Cushion the fly
Hesitate and breathe
Stop your talking
Safety trampoline