I forgive you

But why should I care

When I have

Nothing left to spare

Nor would I even dare

You are leaving

With no remorse or despair

Are there words to change your mind

Or your cold stare

I’m broken up inside

Feeling pain I just can’t hide

In a moment you are gone

Just like this sad sad song

I’ll forgive you

If we give it one more try

I promise not to cry

And leave it there

Will you hold me

Say we will be fine

Words that will not rhyme

As you close the door behind you

One last time …..

Time for a Change

But the change is here

New laws and boundaries

The change is near

Riots and destruction

Unfolding everywhere

Pickets and signs

Long unbrushed hair

Don’t look them in the eye

Please don’t you dare

They’ll hurt you command you

Kill you if you care

Nothing’s achieved by paying those men

To destroy others property

What now what then

I’m here to tell you

You’ll be found out I’m sure

The anger the hatred

The violence you lured

You cannot break LOVE

Grass is greener

Scared to swim

Conquer fear you say

I tried I cried I sighed

I’ve been down this road

I can’t  I want to heave

I’m  faced with your image

Your face your scent your glow

How much do you know

You’re grooming me

I don’t understand I can’t think

I’m frozen my feet in concrete

The top of a cliff at the edge

My heart races my insides dread

What ifs buts and dead

Take my hand we’ll  do it together

Your knowing eyes smiling

Should’ve seen the red glow

On the count of three

You promised me

A better life

I cannot see

through these tears

Wind stroking trees

I left he

To a promised new

Now there’s just me

You’re gone

And no we

*the grass is greener


The sun shone today

The sun shone today

I didn’t know it

The birds singing in the trees

I didn’t hear

People walked past and smiled

I couldn’t see

The music played on the radio

I didn’t sing

My stomach churned

I couldn’t eat

The children scream with laughter

I wouldn’t smile

I look at the sky

So Blue the Hue

You are gone

The light has dimmed

The signs are gone



*Some things you can’t explain

Weary I’ve become

Eyes heavy
Brain hurts
Arms sore
You are my curse
Pain in back
Shoulders forward
Spring in my step
My lost fortune
Deaf I’ve become
Lost my tongue
Praises for me
Left unsung
Ankles rolled
My arms fold
Tired and heavy
My story untold

Shards of heart

Your smile and eyes look upwards
Your gaze upon my shoulders
I wish you would look at me
And not think of another
Glass shatters
That faraway sound
Ice in my veins
Your heart she took
Whilst mine is shattered
In sharp pieces
Amongst my feet
I will glue it again and again
Put it together for in my bed
You lie every night
This heart of mine
Is together tonight