It’s all so still

Silent cold and grey


Broken I feel

Hurting shattered betrayed


Autopilot keep smiling and stay


Feel nothing invisible ghostly frayed


Blackened soul deep within dead


See right through fragile mind Always dread

What’s up

Early to bed
To clear the head
A fog and a haze
For many a days
Could have been years
Didn’t use my ears
To listen and nurture
Our mother nature
Is choking and dying
Whilst many are sighing
The trees turning brown
Falling leaves hit the ground
Birds fall from the skies
Children rubbing their eyes
Allergies bring on sneezes
Old man is wheezing
Planes overhead
White smoke now I dread
Smoke turns into a cloud
Bees buzzing around
Lost in direction
Deserving a mention
Fish swimming to land
Dying on the hot sand
Who are the dredgers
Of sand they make riches
I bow to noone
Nor money only LOVE
And now I will sleep
For mother Earth I weep


Grass is greener

Scared to swim

Conquer fear you say

I tried I cried I sighed

I’ve been down this road

I can’t  I want to heave

I’m  faced with your image

Your face your scent your glow

How much do you know

You’re grooming me

I don’t understand I can’t think

I’m frozen my feet in concrete

The top of a cliff at the edge

My heart races my insides dread

What ifs buts and dead

Take my hand we’ll  do it together

Your knowing eyes smiling

Should’ve seen the red glow

On the count of three

You promised me

A better life

I cannot see

through these tears

Wind stroking trees

I left he

To a promised new

Now there’s just me

You’re gone

And no we

*the grass is greener


Waiting to be taken

Anxious for the new

Black and blue

Scared to leave

Paranoid too

Scarred beyond

All feeling gone

Depths of darkness

A shimmer of light

It’s ever so bright

Suddenly no pain

The comfort of rain

harp is playing

A story from Twain

At the edge of the pier

He left me here

Last breathe I take

No more to wake