Time for a Change

But the change is here

New laws and boundaries

The change is near

Riots and destruction

Unfolding everywhere

Pickets and signs

Long unbrushed hair

Don’t look them in the eye

Please don’t you dare

They’ll hurt you command you

Kill you if you care

Nothing’s achieved by paying those men

To destroy others property

What now what then

I’m here to tell you

You’ll be found out I’m sure

The anger the hatred

The violence you lured

You cannot break LOVE

Black magic

In love and war casualties a must

But who or what can we trust

Witches and warlocks elves and pigmies

Are some of the few circling thee

You lust for the new to fuel your breath

Heart is a pumping within your breast

The silver key of darkness and triangular top

Eye within eye all sight was lost

Hear them all crying moaning and hurt

The soldier of height has fallen from his hearth

A long haired white witch has joined her crew

You were her gremlin her soldier of blue

Never was a white witch for the story is written

Of black she was always but now you are bitten

Do not listen the fruits of loin has a plan

To rock you of your pedestal and drop you where you stand

The demons and warlocks of black magic dance around

The contract was written hear them scream blood is found

Instincts are powerful so listen to them

Not the voice of the loins but a friend of a friend.


You’ve Recently closed

Unplugged just gone

Lost connection

No light shone

Out of reach

Out of sight

Into the darkness

Out of the light

Did you wish to end it

With all your might

We’ve been tricked

By the oceans bight

A spark to ignite

The fury caused

Create divisions

Between the groups

Just an incision

That won’t be stitched

And can’t be fixed

Not who you are

So near yet far

I’ve tried for you

Oh hero of blue

To create peace

And hatred release

No light ahead

I fear and dread

My physical pain

Return twin flame

‘Twas not to be

Not meant to leave

Return back home

Not the unknown

Poor poor Primroses

Just like a primrose
You all sit in a clump
Old English roses
For fear I may like
A pale yellow you suggest
Happy and glee
The true colour of yellow
Flowers suggest jealousy
There are pink ones so rare
Found in untouched woods
Protected by warriors
In dark cloaks of hoods
The pink ones he seeks
Look for those you should
For those are the ones
To make his head turn they would
I know of his kind
Always searching a muse
Ignites them with words
Like a spark from a fuse
But a spark is no match
To one whom is fire
A constant source of fuel
It is I he wished to desire
I will feed him the words
Needed for his ideas
Like a blood thirsty leech
Until full He doth feels
I am but a ground cover
Dotted with colours of abstract
To play the game
So do not feel the wrath
Burning in you for searching
You look in wrong places
His plaything is lurking
Beneath your very noses
She is right there you see
Always has been you fools
Like Camilla to Charles
Deceit woefully ruled
So he’ll water his flowers
To keep you all wanting
And withering and drooping
Be careful
The pruning …