I miss

I miss the sun dancing across my face

Kissing my eyes whilst standing a top a hill

I miss the ocean breeze caressing my hair

Whilst my toes are digging into the grains of sandy beaches

I miss the wind circling beneath my nostrils as the leaves of a thick wooded

Area release the perfumes of eucalyptus trees

I miss the fires built within bluestone circles

Omitting their heat to keep strangers warm

I miss sleeping beneath the stars with only the moonlight

To guide us in wooded areas amongst the tall trees

But most of all I miss thee

During this lockdown and unprecedented times we will slowly


I miss feeling alive…. 💙

Love is all that remains

When all is lost left behind and broken

Two people are spent, bruised and choking

On tears that once were dry creek beds

Are now flowing for the end

Has now approached it wasn’t seen

What broke them now is reality

Their love was friendship always has been

They helped each other grow through combining

All they had and all they knew

The love that blossomed grew and grew

As soulmates and family have love for each other

Their love is true for one another

But destiny has woken and has stopped them in tracks

And showed one the true love the love he lacks

So broken and now the one must pick up

Her strength and stop her tears just suck it up

Forward movement remove those chains

For love only love is all that remains….


Am I nothing like air

Even air has a purpose

So what is mine

I question thy worth

Words are written yet ignored

Again the head hangs

Tears flow for I felt the nothing

The invisibility of air is my cloak

But I do have a purpose

The spark will ignite when the smile at me is bright

Till then the head will hang

And the rivers will flow


I wasn’t there to hold your hand

And walk you through the dark

I wasn’t there to kiss the tear

That fell into the night

The grief drew you into the blue

Shattered your heart and soul

You lost a man a hero and friend

Through age and in time grew old

I know your pain I know your sorrow

Time passes it doesn’t go away

I promise you my heart and soul

Things with time get better

You will love you will laugh

Your eyes will glisten hues

With joy and sadness there will be gladness

And some frolicking too

For now accept my viral words

Of love and caresses too

Feel the warmth surrounding you

Of many whom know sorrow of blue

A little ditty for your tune

Here she goes again

Here she goes again oh oh oh

Falling swaying twirling oh oh oh oh

That sinking feeling oh oh oh oh

You’ve been there once before

You’ve been there once before

The pulling undertow

The pulling undertow

The crash and the burn

The crash and the burn

The nothing left to say

She’s left her body sways

The promises you made

The fabric as it frays

Just ashes on the floor

Go running for the door

Vacant eyes

Searching the room

The promises she made

A good thing she just blew

Here she goes again

Falling swaying twirling

That sinking feeling

You’ve been there once before

You’ve been there once before

Go running for the door

Go running for the door

Don’t want to

Don’t want to

Bleeding words forevermore

Don’t want to

Don’t want to


There she goes

Eyes roll back

The words she lacks

The edge

Barefoot and clad

in singlet and shorts

On wet jagged rocks

water and rock fought

Pain in my body

Illness has spread

Head is swirling

Standing on the edge

‘Tis nearly time

Bird circles above

Lifting my thoughts

Peace screams the dove

Yes peace will soon

Come to smother

The pain the thoughts

The hurt the other….



It’s all so still

Silent cold and grey


Broken I feel

Hurting shattered betrayed


Autopilot keep smiling and stay


Feel nothing invisible ghostly frayed


Blackened soul deep within dead


See right through fragile mind Always dread


Red wine full bodied
So silky red
The colour of blood
A slit that bled
I  sip it feels cool
Sitting on my tongue
A tease as it glides
Down my throat past my lung
That elated feeling
One glass then two
A meal seems much better
Even if burnt or feeling blue
Glass three gives you courage
Where before words failed you
Feeling like a lioness
All walls I lose
The pain in my legs melt
And muscles relax
The pain in my back
Gone for now yackity yack
Feel like I’m swimming
And ears ringing too
So why do I feel
Still feeling so blue
Was it the package
That never arrived
Was it the celibacy
I promised my guide
I should feel so lucky
My family I love
I should feel like flying
Above it all like a dove
It’s the soul my half misses
The soul that has clicked
The soul that’s forgotten
Lost soul you are missed
What, who, where, why, how
Do you know
Are we all looking to wine
For that iridescent glow
I know  I drink wine
But should be ever so careful
My mother a drunk
Bred children was neglectful
I turned to the church
A nun should’ve been
My life to my God
Would’ve lived so serene
So now I count on you
My dear wine
My old friend
To release me from this world
To help me go to my bed


When is my girl coming home

A little girl
No can’t be I wirled
She kicked with a vengeance
And turns with no penance
A punch over here
Get me out I hear
For my belly grew bigger
Whilst the babe climbed like a rigger
Up into my chest
Never to rest
9 months I carried you
Whilst you burped and cooed
Tonight my heart broke
You laughed like I joked
I cried you did not ring
Whilst you continued to sing
I fretted all night
We’re you in a fight?
No text no sound
Your phone on silent mode
Were you in a gutter
Killed by a nutter
I could not sleep
But continued to weep
I must now let you go
So you will now grow
Into a lady you’ll be
A fierce one I see
A heart of pure gold
Cold yellow and bold


What’s up

Early to bed
To clear the head
A fog and a haze
For many a days
Could have been years
Didn’t use my ears
To listen and nurture
Our mother nature
Is choking and dying
Whilst many are sighing
The trees turning brown
Falling leaves hit the ground
Birds fall from the skies
Children rubbing their eyes
Allergies bring on sneezes
Old man is wheezing
Planes overhead
White smoke now I dread
Smoke turns into a cloud
Bees buzzing around
Lost in direction
Deserving a mention
Fish swimming to land
Dying on the hot sand
Who are the dredgers
Of sand they make riches
I bow to noone
Nor money only LOVE
And now I will sleep
For mother Earth I weep