One moment in time

That one moment

Where my thoughts keep dragging my present to

The lingering static

The tingling sensation

The electricity

My heart soaring

My soul yearns for

My present is trying to forget

But to no avail

Keep moving one foot in front of the other

Till we meet again

In a future with no walls

Strike the match

Strike the match

Light the wick

It’s pouring rain

Or so it seems

Candle burning

Wax melting

Down the side

Onto frosting

Hip hip hooray

And so they cheer

Rosey cheeks

From the beer

In a trance

Take a breath

Blow the pain

re Birth not death

And there is your wish

Will you share

Or keep it a secret

Shall I dare


Your voice

Your voice is among the people
I walk by in the crowd
Searching every face
But your smile I have not found
Your voice is amongst the trees
As the leaves rustle in the breeze
I search the lines on the bark
Just memories now I bleed
Your voice is amongst jack hammers
I pass on nearby streets
Calling me to come home
But where is it I scream
Your voice is in my head
When I wake when I breathe
Your murmurs of words come flowing forth
In a hurried pattern of pleas
Why do you tug at my heart
Your moment had escaped
One moment in time my heart had stopped
Then suddenly was awake
Was it a dream a fleeting spell
You cast upon my soul
It opened me up to another time
When horses and carts and bells tolled
Your voice is but a whisper now
I’ve locked it in my chest
Come here come home it pleads to me
Suffer in silence forever unrest…


Like water
You have cooled
My lips
You have fooled
A chameleon
You change shape
Like water
In a lake
Ripples and waves
Your mood
Foamy oceans
Blue pools
I took a sip
My regret
In my thoughts
In my head
A flame
Deep within
Liquid on tongue
Swallow in
Down my throat
Past a beating organ
Wanting to quell
The burning emotion
Little you know
You are the fuel
That burns the flame
You silly fool

A smile

A smile

For a while

There is nothing that compares

A few muscles a feeling

A glint

On contrare

It changes the recipient

And all that see

The lips eyes and dimples

Smiling with glee

If we smile for a while

You will see too

No more anger no more fear

No more angst

or feeling Blue

But i dare not tell you

To smile if you wont care

To change your own outlook

You’re red or glassy stare

I crave all that’s peaceful

In love and of truth

I seek the beauty in you

Your smile but so aloof

So for now I will keep dreaming

Of a world of peace and true

Get rid of all the violence

And plastic guns

That make me blue


It’s so quiet

you’ve gone

A chemical


My addiction

Your voice

My addiction

My choice

Cells dancing


Common sense


The only thing

I enjoy

Another hit

Bring me up

Elevate me

Blowing up

Mind reeling

Loose control

Like a comet

Or asteroid

Then crash

Leaves a hole

You’ve hit my high

Now low

Another fix

Is what I need

My insatiable

You Feed

Rehab is what

I need

Crashing waves

Here it comes

Slowly but surely

Reaching for the blue

Arching amongst the foam

Of the sea spray

Then falling quickly

A thousand droplets of water

Combining together

To make a wave

A wave of green and blue

Reaching for the sand

Clinging on but

The mother sea is pulling

It back

Back to join her


Here we strive again to release

Ourselves from her

Arching and pulling away

Set me free

Reaching up for the blue

It is me

Up I go

Reaching gasping

for air for sky for love

Then crashing down clinging

To sand to hope

To you

You are the blue


Bongo drums in the distance
All in rythmn
Feet tapping
Fingers strumming
Creating a tune
Eyes lowered
Lips moving
Voice escaping
The darkest depths of your throat
Boom boom tap tap
Lines distorted
Creating a map
Follow me listen to me
Love me the voice croons
Eyes raised,  lingers on all
Enchanting the room
Your prescence is not of this world
Nostalgically attractive in a mysterious
Gothic way
I would say
And yet then pay
The price for losing my way

Floating words

Floatings words so free

So light

Coming to me

In the blackest of night

From the darkest corners

Of the deep deep blue

Amongst the shadows

Combined they are new

Describing my thoughts my feelings

My days

Without you the hurt is unbareable


Come back to where it all began

Where innocence of life and

Ignorance was true

I shouldve followed you

down the Stairs unto

A platform of imaginings

Where love is just

To inhale you awaken me

My spirit it must

An artist you paint passion into the skies

Strumming your strings above

Us so high

Alas it was never to be but a dream

For was it a memory

Or just an imaginary

You reached over as fireworks

and the clock it tick tocks

It’s twelve bells it rings as

The new year it knocks

Was that the same memory

You share as you breathe

Twas but 30 years ago

Fresh with a bridal wreathe

I told you a no

And have the pain of regret

A stranger reached out

For my lips and my breathe

For fireworks blew up

Above our heads

Another my betrothed

Watched with abated breathe

The music surrounds and

The wine it sure flowed

My head as it swimmed

To your strange colour code

I’ve met you before up above

In the skies

Before we were born

Before man had died

Where candles were light

And foot was the travel

YOU were my betrothed my spirit

My navel

Attached to our hearts

Arteries beating as one

We shared each deep thought

From whenst did it come

As we wrinkle with age

And a meeting renewed

You ask me do I know you

I could only amuse

For the walls are quite high now

To never be jumped

Know as I write this

My throat a sticky lump

Restrained me from speaking

But a smile escapes

A photo of us

As we pass by the gate

As everyone watches another spots you

Takes a photo of us

As our spirits renew

For this is not forever

Utopia awaits

I am dying today and

I promise restraint

To not look at another

Again i will not

I will wait for that spark

The one you just shot


My reason to live
My reason for death
I don’t need air
You are my breath
The reason I smile
The reason I live
My body my soul
My everything I give
To you I pledge
With all my heart
My organs my will
To you I will part
The roaring train in my head
So loud I hear
My heart racing hard
I wont shed a tear
I will swallow it up
The butterflies in my chest
Beating their wings
Hard against my breast
The thought of you
The images conjure
A person of strength
A smile to torture
Every smile every glance
Every look you see through
Every soul every zombie
That ever meets you