Time on Earth

Should be all it promises

Sunshines and lollipops

Unicorns and horses

But listen while I spill a spool

Of loneliness and heartaches

Where trees Sway

Stairs are long

and winding

And sighs escape when they may

So jig it up

Drop a few, mix it if it pleases

The plan to plot

No sadness you want

So drop them as you need to…

I miss

I miss the sun dancing across my face

Kissing my eyes whilst standing a top a hill

I miss the ocean breeze caressing my hair

Whilst my toes are digging into the grains of sandy beaches

I miss the wind circling beneath my nostrils as the leaves of a thick wooded

Area release the perfumes of eucalyptus trees

I miss the fires built within bluestone circles

Omitting their heat to keep strangers warm

I miss sleeping beneath the stars with only the moonlight

To guide us in wooded areas amongst the tall trees

But most of all I miss thee

During this lockdown and unprecedented times we will slowly


I miss feeling alive…. 💙


Courteous are you
Spirit in blue
From the heavens above
You are always loved
Now rest for a while
Like the soil of fertile
Terra needs to rest
To produce it’s best
Tell them all to retire
Wear their best attire
And be ready for you
When you leave the cocoon
For a new you will immerge
Stronger brighter
And purged
Of all holds that bind you
To the earthly ways
Of this blue blue world

But I dare not tell you

What to do

for fear of losing you …


What’s up

Early to bed
To clear the head
A fog and a haze
For many a days
Could have been years
Didn’t use my ears
To listen and nurture
Our mother nature
Is choking and dying
Whilst many are sighing
The trees turning brown
Falling leaves hit the ground
Birds fall from the skies
Children rubbing their eyes
Allergies bring on sneezes
Old man is wheezing
Planes overhead
White smoke now I dread
Smoke turns into a cloud
Bees buzzing around
Lost in direction
Deserving a mention
Fish swimming to land
Dying on the hot sand
Who are the dredgers
Of sand they make riches
I bow to noone
Nor money only LOVE
And now I will sleep
For mother Earth I weep


Sun oh sun

You have changed
More whiter than white
As a babe you were
Yellow and bright
Are you burning
Slowly out of sight
We crave you oh
Great star
in the heavens
Your warmth
Your heat your rays
Almost flourescent
The birds sing you into the morn
Don’t ever leave us
Sad and forlorn
The trees sway to your glow
And leave shadows
Dancing on the grass
On hills and meadows
Cows moo in song
Roosters are never wrong
When you rise into the blue
We rise too
But didn’t we know
Gas are you
Nothing is for eternity
We must realise this
Plan accordingly
The sun is my bliss


Should’ve listened

I love how you dance
With your words of romance
Roll of your tongue
Making me feel
Always your one
Every word
Every hint
Is it real
Or a stint
Yes you’re the man
With clout and hints
Listen you say
Listen to me
I’ll lift you up
To heaven you see
I came to this terra
In a light filled with blue
To teach and empower
You all to be good



Illusion of Him

Were you an illusion

Complete in seclusion
A little island
An intrusion
Into my domed world
Moisture in air
Waves crashing my lair
My soul I did bare
The world saw you perform
Amulets adorned
Weathered rocks bore
Your footprints
Into my breath
Sandalwood scent
Evokes images of
Lost souls walking
Looking and talking
For red everywhere
Dark heavens above
Falling angels to serve
Love and not hate
World has now lost
All that was given
Now he will confiscate
Dark angel is running
There is no place to hide
Your power is lost
Give up all you keep
For light you should seek
You are not king
Never were you broken wing
Always were just a pawn
In his game of lovelorn
For today on your knees
If you wish the Golden Keys